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How to prune tomatoes?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
March 25, 2015
How to prune tomatoes?

Many gardeners who grow tomatoes on their plots not for the first year know that in order to get a really big crop, it is necessary not only to water the tomatoes and fertilize them, but also to cut them properly.

Let us consider in more detail how and why to cut tomatoes.

Why do you need pruning tomatoes?

The fact is that tomatoes are very warm and light-loving plants. For normal growth and development they need a lot of sun. Only under its bright rays tomatoes form many ovaries, which eventually turn into large, sweet and juicy fruits.

In conditions of poor lighting, tomatoes hirey, suffer from blight, their stems are drawn out and weaken, and the fruits on them are small and sour. If the tomatoes are planted in the beds quite often, the neighboring bushes shade each other, the plants, instead of tying the fruits, begin to struggle for survival - they stretch upwards and intensively increase the green mass.In order to force tomatoes to spend all their power on the formation of fruits, they need to create the conditions under which they are best lit. To achieve this goal, you can use trimming.

How to cut tomatoes: rules and tips

  • The first thing with the bushes of tomatoes as they grow, you need to gradually remove the lower leaves, which obscure the basal part of the stem. By the time the bushes of tomatoes are fully formed, there should not be a single leaf on the lower thirty centimeters of their stems. Cutting the lower leaves down to the location of the first flower brush serves another purpose - it protects tomatoes from phytophthora, which primarily affects leaves that are in contact with the ground.
  • It is also necessary in time (as they appear) to break out all the stepchildren formed in the leaf axils.
  • Further, on adult plants, parts of the leaves are cut, and sometimes whole leaves that come into contact with the leaves of neighboring bushes and shade them.
  • When the tomatoes begin to bloom and form the ovary, the leaves on them are slightly thinned out if they grow very densely on the bushes.
  • Do not prune only the top two leaves above each fruit cluster, as these leaves nourish the forming fruits. These two leaves can be cut only when the fruit under them has already reached the standard size, but stubbornly do not want to blush. In this case, cutting the leaves that feed the brush will accelerate the ripening of the tomatoes.

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