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How to delete lists in the contact?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
May 11, 2015
How to delete lists in the contact?

Many users of the social network Vkontakte often add new people to themselves. Some of them can be combined into one group, for example, included in the list of "Pen Pals" or "Colleagues" to make it easier to find a particular person and communicate with him. But at some point there is a need to clear this list of some friends, and perhaps even remove it. And this is not as easy as it seems.

To help our reader, we will answer the question of how to delete lists of friends in the Contact.

Delete a list of friends VKontakte

Cleaning the list or deleting it may be necessary for the user in different cases. For example, in order to limit the actions of those friends who abuse private lists, permitting a particular action. This is especially true for various public. How can I clear or delete any list, including private list?

  • First, find your friends lists in your My Friends directory. Find the list you want and go to the "Edit" section.There you can select any of your friends in the list and, by clicking on the "Delete" button, extract them from the list.
  • If you want to completely delete the list, in the "My Friends" section, select the desired list and click on the "Delete List" button. Thus, you can easily get rid of it.

VKontakte users often encounter subscribers who spoil the pages with their posts.


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