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How to determine blood type?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
September 19, 2014
How to determine blood type?

Blood type is an individual biological indicator of a person, which describes the antigenic indicators of the blood corpuscles - erythrocytes. This indicator does not change throughout life, therefore, having defined it once, you can not do it again. To find out how to determine a blood group, you need to contact any medical laboratory.

How to determine your blood type?

Of course, to find out which of the four blood groups in a person, you need to pass it, since this information cannot be obtained from other tissues of the body. Previously, for analysis, only venous blood was needed (which, respectively, is taken from a vein). But at present, technology makes it possible to explore this important indicator by collecting blood from a finger. More information about how to determine blood type can be found in our article - How to find out blood type.

Immuno-hematological reaction

In order to determine the blood group and human Rh factor in the laboratory, the so-called immuno-hematological reaction is used. For its implementation, the laboratory assistant on a flat dish (Petri dish) makes 8 marks with a pencil (by the number of groups and the Rh factor). A drop of standard serum is placed near them, a drop of test blood is applied to each of these markers. When the blood and the reference serum coincide, an agglutination reaction will occur, that is, the physiological fluid will coagulate, which can be visually assessed as a precipitation already after five minutes.

To confirm the accuracy of determining the Rh factor, in addition to the isoserological reaction, a cross-reaction is carried out using groups A and B.


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