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How to determine your level of stress?

Unfortunately, stress occurs in almost every modern person living in a big city. Intense rhythm of life, social and financial difficulties, lack of time and constant haste - all this in one degree or another accompanies us.
Depending on the individual characteristics and type of the nervous system, each person adapts in his own way to the tense conditions of life. There are people for whom constant haste is a familiar and comfortable state, and some are literally exhausted from the modern melt of life and complain of chronic fatigue and stress.
Have you noticed that a person’s complaints about his fate rarely reflect the actual level of complexity and tension of a person’s life? There are people who silently and calmly endure various difficulties in life. This may be a difficult job, and drinking relatives, and health problems that require great efforts to overcome them. And there are just whiners who always complain of fatigue and really do not carry a heavy burden, as it may seem from their stories.
Is there a way to determine the level of stress in a particular person, not relying on his authentic or embellished stories about his state of health and not involving psychologists?
There is, and one of them is the drawing of a cactus. Why exactly cactus will be clear from the further description. In the meantime, I suggest you take a clean sheet of paper, a pencil and draw a cactus. If you want to know about your condition, draw a picture before reading the rest of this article.
So, drawing in your hands. The nature of the image of the needles will tell you about the level of stress. See how much they are striking, whether they are painted with more pressure than other elements of the picture, how big they are in size, whether they can be pricked or injured.
If you see these signs (strong emphasis on drawing needles, needles are large and long, there are many of them by quantity), then it can be assumed that you are in a stressful state. The stronger the severity of these signs, the greater the stress.
The absence of signs of stress in the figure may appear as small, rare or not conspicuous needles, or small fluff, instead of needles.
Good luck in knowing yourself!

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