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How to distinguish cognac?

Today in our country there are an extremely large number of producers of alcoholic beverages, they all work on different technologies, produce various alcoholic beverages. But since alcohol is very popular, moreover, it is a profitable business, there are many scammers who forge alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the buyer must be well able to distinguish real from counterfeit alcohol. In this article we will talk about how to distinguish cognac from counterfeit, so as not to poison a low-quality drink.

How to distinguish cognac from a fake: tips

In order to assess the quality of cognac, pour a little drink in a special glass. In order to determine whether brandy is high-quality, to see if it contains additives, we will insert a finger into the outer wall of the glass below the level of brandy and look at its imprint from the opposite side through the brandy. If the trail is clearly visible, then we chose a quality brandy.

To determine the age of brandy, you need to twist a glass of brandy. The longer it will flow down the walls of the glass, the older it will be.It is known that if traces of cognac on the walls of a glass can be seen within 5 seconds, then cognac has 5-8 years of aging, within 15 seconds - it has about 20 years of aging, within 20 seconds - these are already “old” cognacs (over 50 years).

How to distinguish real cognac from a fake? The first step should be to determine the density of brandy. Turn the bottle upside down. If quality cognac, then one big drop will fall from the bottom of the bottle or traces of liquid running down the walls of the bottle will be visible. Sometimes manufacturers, perhaps to prevent the cognac from being tested in this way, pour liquid on the very neck. In such cases, look at the bubbles in the bottle. If immediately after you have turned the bottle upside down, large bubbles rise upward, and slowly small with them, then be sure that you have high-quality brandy.

To distinguish cognac from a fake, we first need to pay attention to the label on the bottle. It should be neatly and directly pasted. In a fairly expensive cognac label to the touch will resemble a banknote. In addition, the label should contain all the basic information about the manufacturer, brand, etc.

And of course, do not forget about the price of brandy. Cheap cognac is likely to be fake or low in quality. Good cognac is expensive.

How to distinguish cognac from a fake, you can still? Currently, brandy manufacturers have learned to work in such a way that it is very difficult to distinguish brandy from cheap alcohol. You can fake everything: the label, and the bottle, and its contents, and various inscriptions. To know how to distinguish real cognac from a fake, you need to study the following information:

  • The name “cognac” has the right only to drink on the basis of higher distillates, which are produced only in two places of the world: in the French region of Charente and in Armenia. All other drinks that are made by cognac manufacturers are brandy. Therefore, first of all you need to look at the manufacturer, which is recorded on the label. Information about the brandy manufacturer can be found on the Internet. If this manufacturer is not on the lists of licensed manufacturers, then it is better not to buy such cognac.
  • The price of brandy must also match its quality and aging. This applies to the high price of brandy, because the low price indicates a fake.
  • The appearance of the bottle and its contents. Content must be in the form of a syrup.If, after turning the bottle upside down, brandy immediately flows down the bottle, then we have a fake, regardless of what is written on the label.

Observing all these instructions, no one will buy diluted alcohol in a store for a high price, infused on oak sawdust and bottled in branded bottles.


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