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How to do a manicure at home on your own video

We do the right manicure

manicure How to make a manicure. Manicure at home. How to do the right manicure. We strengthen the nails.
Manicure should be done every 8-10 days. Immerse your nails for a few minutes in heated vegetable oil, giving them a nail rate before that. You can not deeply cut the corners of the nails, as this may cause an inflammatory process. In heated oil or soapy water, the cuticle softens and is easier to remove. The first time it is better to do a manicure in the beauty salon, at the same time and see how to do the right manicure itself, at home. Nail polish is selected individually and must be in harmony with the color of lipstick and clothing. It protects the nails from harmful effects. In order to evenly distribute the lacquer, it must be applied on warm warm hands and on dry nails. As a basis, you can apply a colorless varnish, and after drying it - a color. You need to remove the varnish with a special liquid. It is advisable to shorten the nails not with scissors, but with a diamond or sandy manicure nail file.

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How to strengthen the nails. That nails grow quickly.

Baths of warm vegetable oil, which adds vitamin A, 3 drops of iodine or 5 drops of lemon juice will help to strengthen the nails. You can do them 1-2 times a week. Yellowed nails "pale" from rubbing with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice. In the nail plate and in the skin around it, you should regularly rub lemon juice, table vinegar, cranberry juice, black or red currant. Once every two days it is useful to make warm baths of sea or table salt. Fine action have "thimbles" of beeswax. It must first be heated in a water bath, then immersed in his nails. On the fingers there will be “thimbles” of wax, which must be kept until morning. Nails grow stronger, grow faster, if you eat foods rich in protein, mineral salts, vitamins A and D, gelatin. Gelatin can be added to jelly, filling and dessert dishes, or simply add a little to the hot soup. Follow these simple guidelines for your nails to grow quickly.

How to do the right manicure - the order of execution.

The sequence of actions during the procedure manicure:

  1. removal of varnish;
  2. cutting nails;
  3. filing;
  4. softening the skin in a bath of soapy water with a possible addition of 6% hydrogen peroxide in an amount of 1 cm3;
  5. soaking the softened skin with cosmetic petroleum jelly;
  6. smoothing, polishing the edges of nails and their cleaning;
  7. finger massage;
  8. polishing the surface of the nail-mechanical or powder paste;
  9. varnish coating;

Remove the old varnish. How to make the right manicure.

manicure1 How to make a manicure. Manicure at home. How to do the right manicure. We strengthen the nails.

How to do the right manicure

To remove the old layer of varnish, use a special liquid, and not acetone, which has a negative effect on the nails and peel. In addition to the component that dissolves varnish, the liquid must also contain components of the protective action and nail care. Use a cotton swab soaked in liquid to moisten the lacquer or emulsion layer, then gently press the tampon and remove the entire lacquer layer in one direction towards the end of the nail. In this way, the lacquer is washed off all the nails, after which they are additionally cleaned from residual lacquer or enamel, which have been preserved after the first wiping.

Cut nails right at home on their own.

Shortening and the formation of nails begin with the left hand, since the right nails usually need a longer stay in the bath.If it is necessary to shorten the nails by a few millimeters, use forceps that have completely displaced the scissors. When cutting nails should pay particular attention to the simultaneous production of a desired circuit, that in the future will greatly facilitate the modeling of the final form.

We file nails. Manicure at home.

If the nails need only a slight shortening, you can use a file. In the left hand hold (via napkin) taken from below the pin, the right and shortened form sawing edge of the nail. Formation is performed at the end of the procedure, selecting one of your favorite options. The choice of form must be dictated by both practical and aesthetic considerations. The calculation takes the natural form of the finger and nail, the nature of professional activity. If you have someone professionally done manicure at home, you had to recommend the most suitable shape of the nail (if you are doing a manicure in the salon). It is better to give the nails an oval shape as the most natural, practical and effective.

Nails, which are naturally narrow and long, should be shortened, avoiding pointed ends; same nailsnaturally short and round, it is necessary to lengthen, leaving as long as possible ends, not forgetting, however, that too long ends give the hand an unnatural look.

The edges of the nail line with an abrasive file. To check the result along the edge of the nail spend a fingertip. A well-executed edge should be completely smooth. Even the smallest irregularities must be carefully ironed with a fine-grained brush. Having learned, you will be able to do the right manicure at home.

The work of sawing requires a certain skill, you need to use it gently and confidently, avoiding too much pressure. The saw should not touch the skin and the so-called subungual cushion.

Hand bath. We do the right manicure.

manicure How to make a manicure. Manicure at home. How to do the right manicure. We strengthen the nails.

Manicure at home.

After the end of the described actions, use a bath for hands in warm soapy water, preferably with the addition of a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 3% (about 1 cubic cm). Such a bath cleanses the skin of impurities, whitens nicotine stains in smokers, softens the skin surrounding the nail and disinfects possible skin injuries that occurred during the previous procedures.A bath for the left hand is made during shortening and shaping the nails of the right hand. Then the nails are cleaned with a stick with a tampon or with a soft nylon brush, rubber, a sponge or wool yarn soaked in soapy water.

Do not clean your nails with a nail file, so as not to scratch the skin and the surface of the nail. The skin that surrounds the nail usually grows together with it. Partially softened with warm soapy water, the skin is covered with cream or petroleum jelly, after which it is gently hooked with a special stick, starting from the middle of the nail. Then, easily moving the wand left and right, lift the skin along its entire length, so as not to damage it. The lagging skin is cut with forceps or scissors, paying special attention to the fact that the edge is smooth. Possible minor irregularities - a stick. The skin can not be cut too deep so as not to cause bleeding.

Massage of fingers of hands.

The next step should be a well-performed massage of the fingers with the use of various firming, nutritional means.

Varnish the nails. Manicure at home.

The procedure is completed with varnishing the nail or polishing the nails with suede to give them a pale pink shade and light shine, which characterize healthy nails.

Varnish obscures the imperfections and damage of the nails.In addition, a layer of lacquer forms a protective sheath on the surface of the nail, which protects the nails - especially thin, brittle ones - from damage and burrs. Accordingly, a formed layer of varnish can be corrected for congenital or acquired nail defects, ostensibly extending, shortening, widening or narrowing it.

It is also very important to choose the right shade of lacquer so that it is in harmony with the color of hair, skin and makeup, clothes.

Beautiful nails - decoration of women's hands, you need to take care of them carefully, regularly do a manicure, but remember that the main condition here is absolute cleanliness. Now you know how to do the right manicure at home. Check out the video on manicure at home.


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