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How to do parachuting?

The sky at all times attracted man, but for a long time remained inaccessible. Now parachuting, as one of the types of aviation, including many of its varieties - group acrobatics, classics, domed acrobatics, skysurfing, freefile, swoop, is available to all comers.

Many people want to jump with a parachute, but not everyone decides to make the dream come true, not knowing where to start. Believe me, it’s not at all difficult to achieve what you want when you have medical indications and money, you just have to contact the flying club and take a course. And then the sky will open its arms to you.

Historical background

The most famous first inventor, dreaming to give humanity the opportunity to freely soar in the sky as a bird and safely land, of course, is Leonardo da Vinci. The Renaissance left behind documentary evidence of attempts to create a device for flight, but this does not mean that such efforts were not undertaken by people before, it is only necessary to recall the myth of Daedalus and Icarus.

Only two centuries later, the aeronaut Andre-Jacques Garnerin realized the dream of Leonardo. He was able to climb into the sky in a balloon and jump out of his basket with a parachute, from a height of two thousand meters, successfully landed.

The twentieth century is a time of rapid development of aviation, which means that parachute equipment was needed. Initially, special equipment needed by military pilots was needed, and it was invented by G. Kotelnikov. Our compatriot was the first to introduce to the world an excellent model of a light, comfortable and compact parachute. The invention in the form of a backpack parachute, which has a silk dome, and freely located behind the pilot’s back, without restricting movement, was patented and became the first decisive step towards the emergence of parachute sport. For the opportunity to freely soar in the sky “thanks” to the Russian inventor, every fan of this sport should say.

Attractive sides

This sport can be interesting for both a guy and a girl, because it is unusual, extreme and exciting. Among the positive aspects of parachuting can be identified:

  • making sure that courage is one of your main traits;
  • in the presence of fear of height - to overcome it;
  • overflow with the unforgettable sensations of free fall and easy soaring;
  • to feel delight from everything that is happening;
  • find like-minded people, and, possibly, true friends;
  • look at the earth from above, from a different angle;
  • Give your friends and family a reason to be proud of your passion and courage.


The fashion for parachuting, and the availability of schools for beginners in almost all major cities, does not mean its accessibility to all. Not everyone can jump with a parachute, but only those who have no medical contraindications. What are the restrictions for parachuting? This is a series of diseases and symptoms in the form of:

  • diabetes and epilepsy;
  • chronic diseases in the period of exacerbations, including cardiovascular and other;
  • high blood pressure;
  • the presence of injuries and fractures of the limbs;
  • unstable psyche;
  • hearing problems, including inflammation of the middle ear;
  • lack of coordination with poor spatial orientation;
  • low vision (exception in the form of contact lenses or well-fixed glasses with plastic glasses;
  • low weight (only forty kilograms);
  • big weight (more than ninety kilograms);
  • use of alcohol or drugs.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences, before visiting the flying club to make a decision about parachuting, it is recommended to consult a doctor about your health, especially those who have problems listed in the list of contraindications.

Where to begin?

So, you are convinced that health allows you to practice parachuting. The next step is to visit the flying club to find out the cost and conditions. Due to the fact that this is an extreme sport that does not forgive mistakes, the approach must be responsible and serious, with mandatory preparation for the jump under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

It takes some time, but allows you to master the basics of the first jump, hone actions to automatism, learn about behavior in emergency situations when the main parachute does not open or landing occurs in an unforeseen place such as the roof of a building or marshland. Knowledge and good training in parachuting, like any other, is the key to success.

Types of jumps

The first time you can jump with a parachute can be alone or with the help of a coach. Independent jump is called classical, and together with the instructor - tandem.

Features of the classical method are a small height of six hundred to eight hundred meters, the inevitable opening of the dome of the parachute, a short time of free flight. Advantages of the method:

  • This is a long time proven and safe way;
  • parachute equipment of high reliability;
  • jump can be made together with family and friends;
  • low cost


  • the duration of the training ground;
  • possible difficulty of self-control of the parachute;
  • the parachute weighs a lot;
  • free fall takes too much time;
  • It is impossible to remove the action, as it is necessary to manage the jump.

For those brave souls who jump without an instructor, one must know about the compulsory forced opening of the parachute in five seconds. At this free fall ends and begins the flight of a length of three minutes. To successfully land, you need to make a turn against the wind, reduce speed and make contact with the ground at the same time, both limbs.

Tandem is an improved version of the jump, is made from a height of up to three and a half thousand meters along with the instructor. The modern effective teaching method allows, in the presence of quick-wittedness, to comprehend the basics of the process in a short time and has advantages in the form

  • absolute safety thanks to the instructor’s control;
  • well-guided parachute;
  • longer feeling of free flight;
  • the ability to self-capture the whole process.


  • high cost of the enterprise and inaccessibility to the masses.

Features of the method - occurs with a parachute - wing, free fall lasts up to a minute, a good landing is guaranteed.


It is only once to try to jump with a parachute to become a fan of this sport for many years. Many so come to parachutism, being fascinated by the sensations of the first jump. To hobby was safe and professionally organized, you need to have a certificate of special education. It is also a chance to compete with others at various national level competitions.There are two standard training programs - classical and accelerated.

In the classic program, jumps are practiced using a parachute with a round dome. Then gradually move on to other species. In an accelerated AFF program, more efficient and modern, a special parachute system for students is used for training. This makes it possible to exercise the desired exercise repeatedly in the air. Nearby is the instructor who jumped along with the student to control the jump, in order to eliminate any observations on the spot.

Age restrictions

Guidance documents that must be strictly observed by all relevant organizations say that for parachute jumping for boys and girls, the minimum age is fourteen years, with the necessary health status and a full preparatory program. For minors, until they reach the age of eighteen, you must have a certified parental permission, or their presence at the airport.


This is an important part of skydiving requiring special equipment.Requirements for footwear - ankle height, thick sole, strong lacing, reliable fixation of the ankles, in order to avoid dislocation of the legs. Requirements for clothing - a snug fit to the body, without constraint of movements, the absence of extra locks with buttons, so that there is no hook with a parachute. The ideal option is a warm ski overalls. Do not do without warm woolen gloves to protect your hands, hats and special glasses.

The helmet is issued by the staff of the flying club. Landing is not always comfortable, so you should take care of a spare set if the main one suddenly gets stained or torn. Successful equipment, regardless of cost, is important for high-quality performance of the jump, and special attention is paid to it.

Issue price

The cost of a parachute jump is quite high and depends on the chosen method. The classic version of an independent jump can cost up to three thousand rubles, and the tandem will be more expensive, up to nine thousand. Additional paid photo and video.

Parachuting - extraordinary, over-emotional and extreme. In it you can realize yourself, along with your feelings, aspirations, goals, regardless of age and gender, and fulfill the dream of free fall. Therefore, it will always be in demand.

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