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How to download Opera?

Vladislav Meriin
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How to download Opera?

In today's world, using a computer almost automatically means using the Internet, and the Internet on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular. Programs designed to work with sites on the Internet are called browsers, there are a lot of them. Today we will look at one of the most popular browsers, Opera, and learn how to download Opera to a computer and phone.

A computer

The main distinguishing features of this browser are high speed, compatibility with the main web technologies, availability of versions for mobile devices. Computer versions were among the first to support mouse gestures and voice management, they contain a convenient download manager and even a BitTorrent client. It turns out that the question of how to download Opera is, by no means idle: this browser has many advantages! This program is distributed absolutely free of charge, so it�s best to download it from the official website: it guarantees that it does not contain malicious software.

The official website of the manufacturer - and you can download the browser for the computer. It is important to remember that no registrations are required and everything is absolutely free!

Mobile phone

Separately worth noting the version of this browser for mobile devices. Opera is widely used on cell phones: it is free, takes up little space, can compress traffic "on the fly", and is able to save the passwords you entered. The users of Nokia phones, less often than others, are wondering how to download Opera Mini, the Finnish company is already using Opera browser as pre-installed on the phones of its production!

Opera Mini is a MIDP application that can be installed on a wide variety of phone models, even the oldest. It is stably updated, receiving new functions and increasing reliability. If users of more modern smartphones want to learn how to download Opera to the phone, then they should pay attention to the version of Opera Mobile. This version is made for various operating systems: Symbian S60, Windows Phone, Android and will best fit the capabilities of your phone. To download mobile versions of this browser, you can use a special service at the address - you can choose your phone model and you will be provided with a link to the version you need.

If you want to download the browser from a mobile device, then you better use the address http://m.opera.com - the phone model will be determined automatically. We hope that this article was useful to you and now you know how to download the opera and you can use all the features of this browser. Enjoy your surfing on the internet!


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