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How to draw a car step by step with a pencil?

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How to draw a car step by step with a pencil?

All boys love cars. And the most different. Of course, they often draw them, or try to draw them. And parents can help their children. Therefore, today we will learn to draw cars. So let's learn how to draw a car in stages with a pencil.

We will draw the bus. If you want to learn how to draw cars, start with it.



  • Paper;
  • Eraser;
  • Pencil.

Stages of drawing:

  1. Draw two long rectangles one below the other. The top should be shorter than the bottom.
  2. Next, on the upper rectangle, draw another smaller one of the same shape and divide it into squares. These are windows.
  3. Then under the lower rectangle draw two circles - these are wheels.
  4. Now round off one side of the large rectangle and draw one spotlight.

Here the bus is ready.

Now we learn to draw a pickup.



  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser.Pickup

Stages of drawing:

  1. First draw a solid rectangle. Then on top of this rectangle draw another rectangle, but it should be three times smaller - this is the cabin.
  2. Next, on one side of a large rectangle, we draw a long oval and on it two small circles are headlights.
  3. On the long side of a large rectangle we draw two circles - these are wheels. Inside these circles we draw one more circle.
  4. Now select the cabin with lines and draw a side door - a rectangle. And in the cabin draw a semicircle - this is the steering wheel.
  5. Ahead under the headlights draw a small rectangle - this is the car number.

If you want to draw a car VAZ step by step, read our article How to draw a VAZ.

And now we will draw a truck-truck.

Truck wagon


  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Paper.

Stages of drawing:

  1. First we draw a rectangle, then a straight line of the left side.wagonrectangles erase and draw a curved line. This will be the cabin.
  2. Then we draw glass on the cab - a small rectangle. And then on the side we draw another rectangle - this is the door.
  3. Now we draw a large rectangle from behind and from the side - this is the body. Sideways draw circles - wheels.
  4. Now we make out the car.We draw at the bottom of the cabin lights - two circles. And near the door we draw a mirror. To do this, draw a small rectangle on the side of the glass, and from it draw a small line - this mount.

Now you know how to draw a car for children, choose one and draw.


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