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How to draw a deer?

Ekaterina Gorbunova
Ekaterina Gorbunova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a deer?

In order to draw a beautiful picture you do not need much time and special skills. Consistently follow the steps described - and you will learn how to draw a deer with your own hands.

For drawing you will need:

  • Solid pencil for sketching
  • Soft pencil to study drawing

If you wish, you can use just one pencil or a whole set.


To learn how to draw a deer in stages, you can ponabitsya drawing, which you can navigate.

  • Make a light sketch of the head of a deer. If you can’t figure out the details right away, draw a few guide lines. At this stage you should have a simplified image.
  • Work your sketch with a solid pencil. Make the shape of the horns more specific, but do not get carried away with the details.
  • Use a piece of blank paper to darken the background. Lightly shade the area behind the deer, blend the strokes with a piece of paper. So drawing will come to the fore.
  • Now start working on the deer's head with a softer pencil. Move from nose to eyes and ears. Try to cover all the white areas in the picture.
  • The darkest spots on the nose and eyes need to be worked through in detail. They should stand out and attract attention. Do not overdo it with shadows on areas that are softer in tone. Glare on the eyes and nose, as well as the lighted areas of the deer's head should remain light.
  • Now go to the fur. It can be conveyed by a neat shading with a soft pencil. Try not to shade shading to convey fleecy. Thus, the image will be more realistic.
  • Draw the fur on the ears and apply shadows.
  • After that, you can go to the horns. They need to make deep shadows so that they stand out in the picture.
  • First, carefully paint the details of the horns with a solid pencil.
  • Then, using a soft pencil, specify the details and make an expressive drawing of the horns.
  • Look at the picture as a whole and add the necessary details. Now you know how to draw a deer with a pencil.

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