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How to draw a fairy?

Veronika Bychkova
Veronika Bychkova
September 19, 2014
How to draw a fairy?

Modern children like to draw fairies. This is a very positive image that attracts them with its originality, beauty, the presence of wings behind its back and, of course, the ability to work wonders. Kids would love that too! We offer yourfairyattention to one of the options, how to draw a fairy, so that the child could understand, and parents could help him a little in his artistic endeavor.

How to draw a fairy with a pencil: steps in stages

  1. Draw an oval or, if you want a perfectly round head, use a compass for this and draw a circle.
  2. Divide the drawn circle with a ruler and draw 3 horizontal lines, marking the places for eyebrows, eyes and mouth.
  3. Draw a straight line under the head markings to form the neck.
  4. Draw a body, can be in the form of a large elongated oval or rectangle.
  5. Draw shoulders in the form of small ovals, arms and legs.
  6. From the beginning of the left hand, draw a line in the direction vertically towards the other plane - this will be a magic wand, on its top you can draw a small star.
  7. Draw the feet and fingers in the form of small ovals.

It turned out the preparation of the fairies body, now it is necessary to look at the details of the face, hair and clothes.

Drawing faces and clothes fairies

  1. We draw bangs on the head in the form of curved lines.
  2. Above the head, we depict a small oval or draw a circle of a small circle - these are fairy hair, gathered in a bun.
  3. Now the drawn line in the middle gives you a guide for drawing eyes. We draw them in the form of small ovals, then we draw long eyelashes.
  4. Draw a rounded line at the bottom of the head to display the mouth.
  5. We draw wings from the neck up diagonally in the form of large curved lines on both sides.
  6. We dress the fairy in a corset, having drawn two ovals on the chest.
  7. Skirt draws curved lines, like bangs.
  8. We erase all auxiliary lines, we make the main lines more clearly and thicker.

You can leave this option, slightly shading the hair and clothing, or apply shading in these places. You can also color your creation with bright colors.


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