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How to draw a hamster?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 15, 2013
How to draw a hamster?

Which of us didn’t touch the little fluffy hamsters? But even more emotion you will come when you yourself draw these little funny creatures. So, how to draw a hamster in stages? Today together with you we will solve this problem - simple and interesting at the same time!

We will draw the most common hamster - with a round belly, big cheeks, small paws and sharp teeth. He will have a brown color with a light belly. So let's get started!

First step. First draw the head, then draw a vertical line on the face and three more horizontal lines, they will be near and mean three levels - the eye, the nose and the mouth. Just below draw a larger oval - it will be a torso, it should be large enough. Now connect the head and torso line - it will be a hamster's neck.

The second step. At the drawn level, mark the eyes, and just below the mouth, it should be uneven and with a bend, as if our hamster smiles good-naturedly. Now connect the head and torso with two lines.Next we draw two curved lines - these are the contours of the hamster legs, stretching to the mouth.

The third step. Now inside the already outlined eyes, draw a circle, then the teeth and small legs of the hamster. On the head, draw the ears, and between the legs draw a horizontal fold. Next - on one side of the head, show the cheek, and at the bottom of the oval you should have two bulges, these will be the legs of the hamster.

Fourth step. How to draw a hamster pencil next? Draw small pupils, then draw the contour of the abdomen, which, as you remember, should be lighter than the body. Draw a contour with a notched line to show the presence of fur. At the bottom of the oval in place of bumps show small hind legs with claws, on which the animal stands.

Fifth step. Now erase all auxiliary lines and draw the outline.


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