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How to drink gin?

The name of the drink comes from the French, genievre is juniper. In the 16th century, Gin was invented by the Dutch professor of medicine Franciscus Sylvius. And in ancient times, juniper leaves insisted on alcohol and were used for medicinal purposes.

Gin is the only female drink of all strong alcoholic drinks. Initially, it was not drunk in diluted form. From the moment that gin was diluted and used in cocktails, it has become popular among women.

Gin is a strong alcoholic drink, produced from grain, juniper berries, coriander, as well as various herbs, plant roots and spices are added to taste. Fortress gin can be different from 34 to 47%.

Undiluted real gin creates a feeling of coolness in the mouth, it plays cold compared to the burning effect of alcohol.

Not many people like to use this drink in its pure form. He still intended more for use in cocktails. Gin - a unique component of a cocktail with a pleasant smell and unique taste.

How to drink ginin a cocktail? Gin is drunk with a variety of fruit juices, cola or other beverages.It must be remembered that gin has its indispensable "colleagues", which in combination with it give the best taste. This is a variety of vermouths, fruits of olive, lemon, tonic and even pickled onions.

The most popular cocktail with gin: gin and tonic.How to drink gin and tonicthey know if not all, then at least the majority of people who consume alcohol. This cocktail was invented by British soldiers in the war in India, because with the help of this drink they fought malaria, which was often encountered at that time in India. And the drink perfectly quenched thirst.

Be sure to remember a few rules for the successful preparation of gin and tonic:

  • gin should only be of high quality
  • open a bottle of tonic immediately before preparing a cocktail
  • lemon must be fresh
  • ice only from non-carbonated mineral water, only then, having melted, the liquid will not be turbid
  • drink gin correctly-tonik from straight high glasses with a thick bottom

Now prepare the cocktail directly: fill the glass with 1/3 with ice, pour in 100 g of gin, mix the ice with gin several times to release the aroma of juniper, then add 200 g of tonic, decorate with lemon.

How to drink ginin other cocktails? Here are some examples.

The Martini-Dry drink is popular. Take 150 g of gin, 50 g of dry white vermouth, mix the ingredients in a mixing glass, pour it into a cocktail glass, add a slice of lemon zest and decorate with olive.

Another popular white lady cocktail. No one can answer the question, in whose honor the drink is named, but they prepare it in all the bars in New York and Paris. So, take 50 g of gin, 50 g of Cointreau liqueur, 50 g of lemon juice, preferably freshly squeezed, ½ of egg yolk, ice. Put the ice in a shaker so that it is filled to a quarter, then pour all the ingredients, shake it thoroughly, strain it. Preferably served without decoration.

“Pink Lady”, beautiful name, beautiful color and taste. It is prepared this way: 50 g of gin, 50 g of Calvados brandy, 50 g of freshly squeezed lime juice, ½ of egg white, 5 g of Grenadine syrup. Put ice in a shaker, fill it in half, add components and shake. Strain and pour into a glass for cocktails, the edge of which can be sprinkled with sugar, and decorated with lime and cherry.

“Koruzo” - this cocktail is named in honor of the greatest tenor Enrico Coruzo. It's easy to prepare: take 100g of gin, 50g of dry vermouth, 25g of Creme de Ment green liqueur, ice.Put some ice cubes in a mixing glass, first pour the gin, then the other components, mix well, filter. This cocktail is served without decorations in a cocktail glass.

Good luck in cooking!


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