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How to drink rum properly and what to eat

Rum is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of sugar cane. In Russia, it is not sold in every store, but as a drink of rum, every alcohol lover is obliged.

The drink was first created by the inhabitants of Barbados. The ancient ancestor was called "Cachasa". In Brazil, it is still popular. According to ancient documents, Cachas was first prepared in the sixteenth century.

People used to use rum as currency. They paid merchants for the goods. Rum was strongly loved by seafarers and pirates. And it is not surprising, because it is stored for a long time and retains its properties. At the same time, wine storage on the ship is problematic.

Rum produced on the cane plantations was of poor quality until French missionaries improved their production technology.

According to history, they were the first to use distillation tubes made of copper, which were then widely used in France. Due to this, low-quality and cheap drink has become an exquisite rum.

The beginning of the nineteenth century was marked by the appearance of several famous brands, including Bacardi and HavanaClub. The products of the companies occupy a leading position in the market.

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Today, Roma has a large number of fans, like brandy or whiskey. Every day their number is growing. There are among them compatriots.

How and with what to drink rum

Photo of a bottle of rum

I note that the right drink depends on the "color" of the drink. White rum is characterized by the absence of many years of aging and a mild taste. Therefore, it is used to make cocktails.

Amber has a bright taste and rich color, as it is kept longer in wooden barrels. Before eating at home, it is recommended to cool. Drink in pure form.

As for the dark, thanks to long exposure, it has a pronounced color. Suitable for cooking and cocktails, for drinking in its pure form.

There are four popular ways of drinking this alcohol. In this case, the brand does not matter.

  • Undiluted. The way men choose. They argue that the only way to enjoy the taste. To eat in a pure form is recommended before a meal from vodka glasses.If alcohol is served at the end of a meal, drink it like brandy.
  • Rum with ice. Like the ladies. The ice cools and softens the bitter taste. Although, according to men, ice has a bad effect on individuality, which is represented by a range of flavors and aromatic bouquet.
  • In the form of cocktails. The choice of youth. It is not surprising that rum is present in every night establishment. In the cocktail, the real taste is lost, but the mixtures obtained as a result are worth it.
  • Diluted. In diluted form consumed by people who do not like strong alcohol. For these purposes, they use water or juice. Experts recommend diluting with lemon juice or fresh water from a well.

Which option to give preference, learn by trial and experiment. I see no point in giving recommendations, because your tastes are unknown to me.

If you order rum in any institution, it will be served along with a slice of lemon and ice cubes. During the holidays glasses are decorated with sparklers. If you are lucky enough to be at one of the Caribbean resorts, the local bartender treats you to a drink in a split coconut.

There are three types of rum, each of which requires special attention.For this reason, the rules of drinking are different.

  1. White is combined with cola and lemon juice. On the basis of create cocktails.
  2. Dark rum is served with fruit and berries sprinkled with cinnamon. Suitable cherry, pineapple, melon and avocado. They also use coffee.
  3. Without gold, it is impossible to prepare the Daiquiri cocktail. Golden rum is an alternative to wine.

If you are going to treat your friends, serve as effectively as possible. Brutal glasses with thick walls will do.

As for appetizers, to solve the issue, use a creative approach. Just do not forget that connoisseurs drink rum in its pure form without a snack. If you do not want to be in an unpleasant situation, prepare for a feast.

  • Wash down the rum with fresh juices, cola and soda water. If you do not drink alcohol, put a little ice in the glass.
  • The ideal snack at home is bread. After each serving, eat a piece of bread. The aftertaste will not be affected.
  • Combined with rum fruits and berries, sprinkled with cinnamon. Serve pineapple, melon, cherry, papaya or orange.
  • Seafood is also appropriate on the table: mussels, fish, caviar, oysters or lobsters. Serve advise in the form of salads or canapes.
  • Often they eat meat, sausages, greens, cheese or chocolate.

Rum is combined with many products. It is not necessary to put all the products on the table. Limit yourself to a few dishes and juice.

Rum bacardi

Rum is the most popular drink in the West. There are many types of this alcohol, but the best is considered Bacardi, who drink it pure or as a part of cocktails.

Believe me, drinking Bacardi is not much different from drinking whiskey or brandy.

  1. Rum pour into special glasses of 50 milliliters or in wide glasses. The main thing is that the dishes were thin-walled. Filling is recommended by a third.
  2. Before the tasting of Bacardi, warm up. That is why thin-walled glasses are used. Usually, just a few minutes is enough for heating, after which the temperature will reach an optimum level.
  3. I do not recommend drinking Bacardi. Inhale the aroma and take a sip. This will allow you to enjoy the exquisite taste.
  4. After satisfying the smell, swallow the drink. In this case, alternate the pharynxes with the pleasure of the fragrance.
  5. Bacardi is allowed to eat with snacks. Perfectly combines cold cuts.
  6. If necessary, drink alcohol with water or natural juice.In general, rum is combined with pineapple, orange and hot chocolate.

How to Make Bacardi Cocktails

Bacardi to the moon

  • Put some ice into the shaker, pour fifteen milliliters of Amaretto liqueur, Coffee liqueur, Bacardi rum and Irish cream. Mix everything up.
  • Finish the prepared liquid in a pre-cooled stack.
  • I advise you to drink the finished cocktail through a straw. Just do not forget to pre-set on fire. Do not stretch the pleasure, otherwise you will burn yourself with an overheated drink.

Bacardi apple

  • Pour 20 ml of green apple syrup into a small pile. After that, pour a similar amount of lemon juice through the knife on top.
  • Using a knife, pour 30 milliliters of rum on top. The result will be a three-layer cocktail.
  • As in the first case, set fire to a drink and drink using a straw.

You know the subtleties of using Bacardi and how to make cocktails that will warm you up on a winter evening or relax after a working day no worse than mulled wine.

Rum Captain Morgan

When pirates were ransacking the world's oceans, rum was drunk from bottles. In those days, there was no talk of auxiliary vessels. Over time, everything changed.Consider the technique of drinking rum Captain Morgan.

Usually, people drink rum in its pure form, because only this way one can feel the exquisite and unique taste of liquid treats. Drink in small portions, eating meat or lemon wedges.

If you decide to order a glass of Captain Morgan in the bar, be prepared that a cocktail will be served instead of a pure drink. The presence of other ingredients will not allow to enjoy the taste. People who do not like the tart taste, drink with ice. If you want to become a connoisseur of the product, this method will not work.

Combines Captain Morgan with juices and water. According to experts, for these purposes it is better to use lemon or coconut juice. Each of the products allows you to balance taste and strength.

Now let's talk to the point. Rum Captain Morgan - drink of pirates, enjoying unheard of popularity.

I note that produce several varieties of Captain Morgan. I will tell you how to drink each of them. Ready? Let's start.

  1. Silverspiced. White rum is characterized by a mild taste and pleasant aroma. The fortress is 35 degrees. They do not drink in pure form, but the best basis for a cocktail is not found.
  2. 100 ProfSpiced. The variety is the youngest and strongest.Multifaceted taste brings real pleasure. Before drinking diluted with cola or water.
  3. OriginalSpicedGold. It has a delicate aroma and vanilla flavor. Drink in pure form and used to make cocktails. If you want, dilute with water.

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I will add that rum is included in the category of noble strong alcohol. He likes both gourmets and bartenders who use Captain Morgan to make mixes. Now you can enjoy the taste of a pure or diluted drink. Just do not get carried away, because health is more important.

How to Drink Rum with Cola

Three bottles of rum

If you are a true connoisseur of alcohol, this part of the article will be useful, because you will learn the subtleties of using rum with Coke. Do not think that there is nothing special and complicated in the preparation of a cocktail. In fact, it is not. Enough not to sustain proportions, and the taste will disappoint.

Rum with Cola is a drink, without which it's hard to imagine a party. Although you can enjoy the taste at home. It will take white rum, cola, lemon, ice, a glass and a straw.

The listed components are enough to make a unique and amazing cocktail. In addition, they are available, with the exception of Roma, if we are talking about a quality product.

  • Mix the ingredients.Put ice in a tall glass, squeeze a quarter-lemon juice and add 60 ml of rum. I recommend using high-quality alcohol, otherwise there will be undesirable consequences.
  • In a glass, add 150 ml of cola. For the preparation, use the cola, the bottle of which has just been opened.
  • Garnish with lemon slices, gently fixing it on the glass. Be sure to follow the sequence of actions. Otherwise, the taste will be distorted.
  • If you do everything right, you will be able to enjoy a cocktail, the recipe of which has gone through decades thanks to its delicious taste.
  • It remains to insert into a glass tube, and home "rum-cola" is ready. Only a tube will evaluate the true flavor and taste of a wonderful drink.

I recommend eating snacks of pineapple, orange slices or bitter chocolate, if you are not afraid to gain weight.

Drinking a cocktail will make the evening conversation with your loved one warm and joyful. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Cocktail made strictly before use. Otherwise, it will lose flavor and aromatic qualities.

In conclusion, add that the use of rum,as well as other liquor badly affects the body. Bounce gets the liver. If there are health problems, it is better to stop drinking.

Produce rum from molasses, obtained during the production of sugar. It is diluted with water, allowed to ferment, and after distillation, rum alcohol is obtained. It is diluted with water until it turns 50-degree drink. Then kept in barrels for five years.

Produce light, heavy and medium rum. The heavier the species, the more pronounced the taste and aroma. The cost depends on the duration of exposure.

Rum - a product that does not spoil. However, storage in a poorly closed container often causes a decrease in strength. The storage standard is a silver flask that closes tightly. In this case, the fortress is not threatened.

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Listen to the advice, properly store the drink, prepare cocktails and use in cooking, and life will become more diverse.


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