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How to drink wine?

Most people think they know how to drink wine. It would seem that there is not clear - white wines are drunk with fish, and red wines with meat. Not here it was ... It turns out that there are many details in such a question as the proper use of wine.

How to drink wine? Glass and etiquette.

Wine does not need to drink fast gulps, it should be savored. Swallowing the wine, hold it in your mouth a little to feel the whole range of taste with receptors.

A glass of red wine, choose the shape of a tulip. For white wines, it is also customary to serve large glasses with a wide top. Sparkling wines, including champagne, drink from narrow tall glasses. Features of this form will allow bubbles of sparkling wines to rise up. When buying glasses look at the thickness of the glass. The thinner the glass, the better the temperature of the wine is felt with the lips. In addition, the glass should be transparent, even its foot or base should not have color. A colored glass will distort the color of the wine. A glass of wine can only be held by the leg.

Properly pour the wine you need, filling the glass by a third. And if this is a big glass, then fill it in the fourth part. That is, it is necessary to drink the wine properly, often pouring it more than pouring a full glass at once. But the champagne is filled with the entire glass.

What is the right way to drink wine? Snack.

In our time, snacks do not count.

What is to drink white wine?

  • seafood;
  • poultry meat;
  • not fatty fish;
  • sweet and sour apples;
  • various types of cheese.

What to apply to red wine?

  • pork;
  • mutton;
  • mushrooms;
  • vegetables (semisweet wines are especially good for them);
  • ham, sausage, lard

In the form of snacks to dry and semi-dry champagne can be served a huge amount of products. Exclude herring, pickles and pickles. To sweet and semi-sweet sparkling wine should be served fruit, candy, ice cream, mild types of cheese. And also with semi-sweet wines, vegetables, crabs, oysters are wonderfully combined.

What wine can you drink? Let's talk about temperature.

Choosing white table wine, cool it to a temperature of 10-12 °, and red table wine - up to 16-18 °. If you and your guests prefer strong red and white wines, then they should be cooled more strongly - up to 18-20 °.Fans of dessert wine, cool the drink to 14-16 °. Sparkling wines require cooling to 8-10 °.

What wines can you drink? Wine and health.

It is said that regular, but moderate and proper use of wine is good for health. But is it? And how to drink wine to people with various diseases? People who are allergic to certain foods are at risk when they drink wine. Since in the process of wine production, it is glued with the processing of substances derived from milk, fish or eggs, for example. These impurities should be removed in quality wine, but not the fact that you will get it.

A disease like asthma may also not be combined with the use of wine. Find out if your asthma is related to sulfur compounds. In this case, any wine can adversely affect the health of asthma and cause an attack.

If you are worried about the cardiovascular system, then in moderate doses, you can drink any wine, if it does not contradict the treatment.

With diabetes, you can drink wine, necessarily eating carbohydrate foods! Otherwise, blood sugar levels may drop dramatically. What wines can you drink with diabetes? Of course, it is better to choose dry or semi-dry wines so that the sugar content is low. Know the measure of drinking wine.After all, a large amount of alcohol consumed in combination with medications increases blood pressure.

A small amount of wine before a meal is useful for improving digestion, intestinal motility and metabolism. But what wine to drink to improve digestion? It is better to choose a good red wine, since red wines contain more useful components. And in white wines can be preservatives.


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