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How to easily teach a child to order

Very often, adults themselves can not accurately determine the difference between order and disorder, but nevertheless, each mother considers it her duty to teach her child to order. Some easily get their kid to clean toys, arrange books on the shelves and even wipe dust in places accessible to him, while others with varying success wage war with a child who does not want to remove dirty shoes at the door.

It is believed that girls are more accurate, they often pay attention to their appearance. It is easier for them to explain that a crumpled dress does not look as attractive as it is neatly hung in a closet, and dirty shoes do not shine like well-groomed ones. Boys, even if they like elegant clothes, in the heat of the game can easily get it dirty, break, not worrying about it.

In addition to gender differences, much depends on the temperament of the baby. It is easier for an attentive, quiet and calm child to inculcate cleanliness skills than temperamental naughty stuff, but it is possible to do it.And you need to start as soon as possible.

Already in one and a half years, the child can collect his own toys. At this age, it is still difficult for him to keep attention on the same actions for a long time, and the task of the parents is not to let the kid get bored. Let the baby bring toys to you, and you will put them in a box or on a shelf, and then you can switch roles. It is important not to miss the moment when the baby can cope on his own, otherwise you risk running into an aching schoolboy who asks for help to put books on the table.

A two-year-old child may well bring in his plate when you eat dishes, lay down your clothes before bedtime, and remove paper scraps and other debris after practicing creativity a little later.

It is very important that all adults in the family adhere to a single opinion about cleaning the house. If you require your baby to gently fold things on the bedside table near the crib, then other family members should not leave their belongings anywhere.

Arrange the space in the house so that the cleaning process is not very difficult. Explain to the child the basic principles - a box for toys, a shelf for books, a wardrobe.If you notice that the shelves and boxes do not contain all the contents, then increase their volume or get rid of unnecessary things, otherwise it will be quite difficult to maintain order.

Attention - the process. Try to make the cleaning process fascinating, for example arrange a parade of soldiers sitting on a shelf beautifully, watching cars, or send the dolls to sleep, putting them in beds and boxes. Pay attention to the baby on how nice and cozy it became after cleaning, so that she would associate with him with comfort and convenience. And in any case, do not assign cleaning as a punishment, for example, instead of walking.


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