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How to eat pomelo?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
December 26, 2012
How to eat pomelo?

There are so many exotic fruits in stores now! Of course, I want to try them all. But, sometimes you discourage yourself from buying because you simply don’t know how to have this or that fruit. For example, pomelo. It is such a big, gigantic orange, citrus fruit. Looks appetizing. But, how is pomelo? In fact, everything is elementary. It is even easier to clean orange or grapefruit. Thick peel easily moves away from the pulp. Rigid film on the slices is simply separated, if you pick it up with a knife. Along the way, we recommend removing the bones. They are in a lot of pomelo.

Peeled fruit can be eaten just like that, you can cook desserts and salads with it. By the way, pomelo can be cut like a watermelon into slices with a knife. Only, and, in this case, remove the films, they are bitter.

Another way to eat is pomelo. Cut the fruit in half. With a small dessert spoon, remove the pieces of pulp directly from the halves. You can sprinkle with sugar. But, usually pomelo, and, so very sweet.

What eat pomelo

It may seem strange at first glance, but the pomelo is successfully combined with seafood.For example, one of the traditional Asian recipes is pomelo and shrimp salad. It is done simply. And the taste is really exotic. Boil and clean the shrimp, combine, with chopped, peeled pomelo, and celery. To taste, add salt and some sugar. Fill with sour cream. And this light salad can be served right in halves of the pomelo - it will be very original.

Well, the most common fruit salad with pomelo, it turns out very juicy and tasty. Just cut into pieces your favorite fruit, do not forget about pomelo, season the salad with yogurt. This dish can be eaten for breakfast and serve as a dessert.


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