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How to insert a film?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 5, 2013
How to insert a film?

Even with a huge number of digital cameras, film devices are still popular. Most often, cameras on film are used for scientific photography or for artistic photography. Often, novice photographers have trouble asking how to insert a film into a camera. It is necessary to conduct several training sessions with the old film in order to learn how to charge such equipment quickly and easily.

Before you figure out how to insert a film into a camera, you need to learn how to handle it properly. First you need to buy the film in the store. Such a film is of two types: it can be sold both in the cassette and in the form of a roll. To charge the roll film in the cassette, you need to prepare the room.

The room for charging the camera should not miss direct sunlight. Having unwound the film, you need to insert its end into a special axial protrusion of the coil. After the film is fixed in the coil, it is necessary to wind it in a dense layer so that the layer is directed to the core.A film with a length of 1.38 meters is enough for 36 frames. After that, you can insert the coil into the cassette itself in such a way that the end of the film extends 6 centimeters.

At the same time, the charging of the cassette is completed, but how to insert the film into the “Zenith”, if before that it was not necessary to do it manually? To begin, unscrew the screw, which is located at the bottom of the camera, this will help open the back cover. Now you need to pull out the tape rewind head completely and insert a tape cassette into the groove. This should be done so that the end of the film is exactly on the frame window, and the protrusion of the film reel is at the bottom.

We pull out the end of the film and fix it in the spring clip. It is necessary to make sure that the receiving drum of the camera is working properly, and the teeth go well into the perforations. Now you need to rewind the first two frames, as they were illuminated while charging the film. After that, you need to set the frame counter to the number "2" and you can start shooting.


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