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How to turn on the navigator?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
January 22, 2013
How to turn on the navigator?

In the modern world, with its sprint pace, GPS navigation is a very necessary and popular feature. With it, you can easily find out your location, as well as pave the shortest route to the desired destination. Navigator is convenient because it can be enabled on completely different mobile devices. Such devices can be: personal computer, directly navigator or mobile phone.

GPS navigation in mobile phone and computer

The best way to connect to navigation is to use this feature directly from a cell phone. To do this, you need to know how to turn on the navigator on your phone. First you need to download the maps you need for navigation in the mobile phone system. Such cards are freely available absolutely for all users. They are located on various official sites of GPS systems. Once you have downloaded the maps, you need to go to the phone in the menu item "Navigation", go to the "Settings" and select the item "Download maps."After these actions, the phone system will automatically redirect you to the desired web service, where you should select maps for a specific region (the region in which you live).

Then you need to select the “Start navigation” command or the “Maps” command. After a short period of time, the first download will occur. On the screen of your mobile phone you will see the point of your location, located on the map. This means that the navigator is installed and connected. Now you can easily create the routes you need, calculate distances between points of movement, as well as specify destination points.

Connecting the navigator on a personal computer contains the same actions as when connected to a cell phone. But in most cases, PCs and laptops, unlike smartphones and phones, are not equipped with a GPS navigation chip, so determining your location may not be very accurate.

GPS navigation in the car

To use the navigation system in the car, the best GPS navigator. The process of how to turn on the navigator on this kind of device is quite simple.In the menu, enter the “Navigation” application and select the “Enable map mode” section. After that, a page with a map will appear. There will be a flicker point on it - this is the place of your current location.

Since the device will serve in the car, it should be installed on the dashboard of the car in a convenient place for you. To do this, use the special screws that are included in the system or fasteners with suction cups. You can also connect the charger with a special adapter to the cigarette lighter, which will ensure the long battery life of the device.


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