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How to entertain guests on the New Year?

Angelina Ivanova
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How to entertain guests on the New Year?

Merry holiday New Year is often met in a large noisy group of friends. They see off the old year, remember that it was good in it, and with a miracle they expect together a new magical year! And what if this year friends come to celebrate the New Year to visit you?

How to entertain guests on the New Year - options

Celebration of the New Year is not a solemn "Fir-tree" at work or at an educational institution, that is, you do not need to prepare a holiday script. Otherwise, it will turn out that you will entertain the guests, and you will miss the whole holiday in the confusion and fall down from fatigue from the first glass of champagne. So, we will prepare several competitions for the New Year, so that everyone could have fun, including you. They can be arranged in the intervals between holiday treats. So, what competitions can be held on the night of December 31 to January 1:

"I never". First you need to know each other better and relax. Each glass is filled with New Year's champagne or wine.The first guest tells about himself what he has never done (for example, "I have never dived with scuba diving"). Those who did this, take one sip from the glass. The fact of himself says the next guest. The facts may be the most provocative.

"Wipe the cloth". The leader calls the same number of girls and young people. Let it be involved as many people as possible. Young people sit on chairs (chairs can be placed in a circle or in a row), they put a unfolded napkin on their knees. Girls sit on their knees to them. While the cheerful melody sounds, girls should fidget as hard as they can on young people to mash their napkins. Whose cloth will be rubbed the most, that couple deserves a small prize.

"Sweet Christmas candy". Guests again split into pairs (boy-girl). Each pair is given candy in candy wrappers. The task of the couple is not only to unfold the candy, but also to eat it while the cheerful music sounds without the help of hands. Of course, the music does not stop until the last pair can cope.


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