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How to equip the interior of the kitchen

The most relevant place for any apartment hostess is the kitchen. Unfortunately, often the size of this room does not allow to fully realize its functionality, as well as add to it coziness and comfort. Nowadays, many methods have been introduced that make it possible to equip even a very tiny kitchen so that it is not inferior to the most spacious one. But you have to start creating an interior with the purchase of quality cuisine in Germany, which will serve you for more than a year!

Designers offer several ways to modify a small kitchen:

• redevelopment;

• modern design solutions;

• Revision of the use of functional space.

Redevelopment of a small kitchen

Sometimes it is possible to carry out a full redevelopment of the kitchen, increasing its space is not visually, but in fact. In this case, the kitchen is combined with the next room - for example, the living room.This layout allows you to leave behind the kitchen the role of the room for cooking, and the living room is partially turned into a dining room. However, this solution is realizable only if the wall between adjacent rooms is not load-bearing, and this does not contradict the design of a residential house.

Modern approaches to kitchen design

Planning dramatic changes in the appearance of the kitchen, in the first stage, you must completely vacate the room. At the second stage it is necessary to compare the functional space and the available furniture. It is necessary to choose the most convenient location for the stove, dining table, calculate the required number of cabinets and pedestals. The best solution would be to purchase a kitchen set that allows embedding in it a sink, a hob, a refrigerator, an oven and other appliances. In addition, there are firms that are ready to produce furniture for the kitchen by individual order.

Functional Rethinking

One example of a different view of the functional space of a kitchen is the movement of a refrigerator. The overwhelming majority of apartment owners consider the right of the refrigerator to stand in the kitchen unshakable - it serves as a storehouse for products that, for convenience,must always be within reach. However, the refrigerator rearranged into the corridor frees up quite a lot of space, which can finally resolve the issue in favor of its movement.

A winning option for a small kitchen will also be a combination of its individual elements. So, the usual dining table is replaced with a folding table top. It can be attached to the wall when it is not needed for food, and used as a board with towel hooks.

Apparently, a small kitchen is not a reason for despair. If you do not dwell on square meters and use all the existing space with the maximum rationality and resourcefulness to approach the interior design of the room, even a frankly small kitchen will add comfort and functionality.


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