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How to explore the city?

We recently moved to live in Vladimir, I am going to go to work in a real estate agency, because in this area I have been working for several years. We need to quickly find out the city, the location of streets and houses. Maybe someone has any ideas how to do this?
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Answered on May 22, 14:37
Buy yourself a map of the city, such can be found in bookstores or newsstands. Well study it, but, I think, just in time you will remember everything yourself. Walk around the city a lot, remember all the sights.
Answered on May 22, 14:42
My wife and I 2 years ago also moved to Vladimir, I got a job working as a taxi driver. At first, the navigator helped me a lot, now I’m already well-versed in the terrain, and I practically don’t use it. Now you can download a navigator on your phone, try it, it will be much easier for you.
Answered on May 22, 14:46
Very good idea with the navigator, only there may be still old information. Probably the same problem if you study the map of the city on the Internet. For your profession it is very important to know the location of all the houses, to visualize them.Here I found a site where you can virtually see the city of Vladimir. Try it, you may need such information.

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