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How to find MTS subscriber?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 8, 2014
How to find MTS subscriber?

To date, the mobile operator MTS provides its subscribers with the opportunity not only to communicate and send SMS messages, but also to find out the location of the interlocutor. How to find the MTS subscriber will be discussed in our article.

There are several ways to determine the location of MTS subscribers. Let's look at their use in more detail.


This service allows subscribers to track the location of their friends and relatives on the map. The service is activated by number 6677. To do this, you need to send an SMS message with the name and phone number of the subscriber you are interested in. In turn, he will receive an SMS message with a request to confirm this service. If your friend or relative agrees to provide you with information about your location, you will receive a confirmation. The service “Locator” is turned off via SMS to number 6677. It should be noted that this service is paid, you have to pay 100 rubles.

"Child supervised"

To register this service, you must send an SMS to the number 7788 with the text "MOM'S NAME" and "DAD NAME". In response, a code should come in, allowing you to register all other family members. Next, you need to send an SMS with the name of the child and the code assigned to your family. If you need to know the location of the child, you should send an SMS with the word "WHERE" to the same number. If several children’s phones are attached to the system, the message text should be the following: "WHERE THE CHILDREN". Thus, you can find a subscriber by MTS number.

"Mobile employees"

The telephone number of the MTS subscriber can be found using this service. To track the movements of employees, you must send a list of employees and their phone numbers to the MTS company manager, which will connect them to a single system.

"MTS search"

This service will help you find not only a phone number, but also a whole company. To do this, send an SMS message with the word "WHERE" to the number 6677.


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