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How to find advertisers for a magazine

Therefore, for starters, start collecting information that will help you understand how to search for advertisers forof the journal. First of all, ask the head of your department. Ask for an introductory briefing and familiarize yourself with the features of this type of activity.
Having received a minimum instruction from the head of the advertising department, go in search of the marketing service. At the same time, remember that you should not take a lot of time from your own manager, since, given the crazy pace of work of any editorial staff, this will most likely look incorrect and will raise questions about your competence.
In the marketing service of the magazine you will need to get information that will allow you to easily identify your potential partner advertiser. There, on the basis of regularly conducted research, his consolidated portrait has long been created.The characteristics specified in it will be required by you for the selection of firms of interest to you that are interested in cooperating with your journal. In addition, here also take a ready-made package of documents that are designed specifically to attract customers (commercial offer, promotional materials, etc.).
After reviewing the data, proceed to the compilation of a list of companies that may be interested in your offer. To do this, you can use open sources of information - like the Internet or printed directories with a list of commercial organizations. Choose them by the characteristics described by the marketing service. This is, first of all, a type of activity. For example, you should not offer to place an advertisement in a publication to the manufacturer of women's tights, if you have a technical magazine.
Thus, create your own database of potential advertisers by entering names, addresses, contact information (phone numbers, e-mail) of the companies you are interested in. Exclude from the list of firms with which the magazine already cooperates. A list of them you can ask the head of your service. Now proceed to direct communication with selected companies, addressing the proposal of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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