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How to find out breast size?

Oddly enough, most women know the size of their breasts only approximately. When buying underwear, they either rely on the advice of the seller, or spend a lot of time in the dressing room in order to find the right bra. Translucent bra straps through the blouse or blouse, bras sticking to or sticking to the chest cups - all this creates a sloppy appearance and indicates the wrong choice of underwear. The shape, quality, design of the bra are very important indicators, but if the size is chosen incorrectly, then the money is wasted.

How to find out breast size - recommendations

First two measurements should be taken:

  1. Breast volume. By measuring tape measure the circumference of the most prominent points of the mammary glands, strictly horizontally.
  2. Volume under the breast (back girth). We measure immediately under the chest line, tightly clamping the tape.

It is desirable that someone helped you take your measurements. It is better when the arms are lowered while the chest is relaxed. Owners of large or saggy breasts measurements should be carried out in a bra.

Bra size is indicated by two parameters - letters and numbers. The letter is the size of the cup, the figure is the volume under the breast in centimeters.

To determine the size of the cup we subtract the value of the volume under the breast from the chest volume value. The result obtained is used to determine the completeness of the bra cup. It varies from 10 to 21 cm. Usually, the Latin letters from A are used to mark the cup, and further on, ascending. So, AA is the smallest size, followed by A, B, C in ascending order. Usually the maximum cup is the size F, although there are more. Less commonly, numbers starting from 0 are used: AA (0), A (1), B (2), C (3), D (4), DD (5), E (6), F (6+).

Quantitatively, the fullness of the cup is expressed by the difference between the size of the breast volume and the volume under the breast. If it is in the range of 10 - 12 cm, then your cup size is AA (0).

  • 12-13 cm - size A;
  • 13-15 cm - size B;
  • 15-17 cm - size C;
  • 18-20 cm - size D;
  • 20-22 cm - the size of the DD;
  • 23-25 ​​cm - size E;
  • 26-28 cm - size F, etc.

Also, to determine the size of the bra, you need to know the rounded values ​​of the volume under the breast in centimeters. These numbers on the label are in front of the cup size designation.

Thus, size 70 is from 67 to 72 cm, size 75 is from 73 to 77 cm, etc. With an increase in volume of 4 cm, we add 5 in size.

French and Italian underwear are in great demand. Manufacturers of these countries use a different label. How to find out what the size of the breast, buying such underwear? The calculation formula is simple. Knowing the parameters of the breast volume and the volume under the breast, we make the following calculation: from the breast volume (in cm) we take away the volume under the breast. Divide the difference by 6 and get the value of the cup. For example, (100 - 82) / 6 = 3.

In any case, buying a bra, it is better to try it on. It is important that he sat on his chest as cast. If, for example, you wear a bra 80B, try to try on the size of 75C or 85A. There is a chance that planting one of them will be better, which will more advantageously emphasize the dignity of the bust.

Many men, striving for originality, choose women's underwear as a gift. The wrong size, instead of pleasant emotions from the gift, can upset your beloved one. Having presented as a gift the laundry is a size larger, the chosen one can decide that she is perceived more fully. On the other hand, if the kit is too small, then she might think that there is a hint in her that she needs to lose weight.

How to find out the size of a girl's chest to a young man, if he wishes to present such a delicate gift? Do not buy clothes spontaneously, so as not to embarrass the seller with ridiculous questions.You need to look at the markings on the girl’s underwear before.

Good luck with your purchase.


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