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How are phones found?

If you have lost your mobile phone, then you probably would like to know how to find phones. After all, it is not enough just to file an application with the police, you can try to find it on your own, especially since there are several ways.

Operator service

First of all, you should contact your mobile operator, perhaps they provide the location of the phone. However, it is only suitable if you have registered your cell phone. But, as a rule, it had to be connected in advance. But if it was connected to you, then the mobile operator will quickly find the approximate location of your device, which will narrow the search range, and if the phone was handed over to the pawnshop, then it will not be difficult to calculate it.


Asking how to find lost phones, you should turn to computer geniuses. After all, on the Internet you can find special spyware with which you can determine the location of the device. They transmit location coordinates by responding to requests received from the network.However, it is necessary for this program to be pre-installed on a mobile phone, besides this it is also necessary to disguise it, so that the attacker does not delete it.

Internet services

You can also find a cell phone with the help of Internet services, of which there is a huge variety on the Internet. Their creators say that they are able to determine the coordinates of the mobile device and transfer them to the person who used this service. The obtained coordinates can be superimposed on an electronic map, and find out the location of the mobile phone. However, no one can give a definite answer about whether such technologies really work. This is due to the fact that most creators will require a symbolic payment, so very few people risk using them.

Flea market

If you have tried many ways, and all to no avail, puzzled by the question of how stolen phones are found, you can walk through flea markets, pawnshops, shops that sell phones without documents. Perhaps you will find your machine there. Only here you are unlikely to be given it, even if you have in your hands documents proving your ownership right.In this case, only the police can return the phone to you, but quite often, while it collects all the data, the phone is already gone. After all, the shop owner does not want to lose his profit.

How the police are looking for stolen phones

If you have lost your mobile phone, you should immediately write a statement to the police, where the staff will send a request to the cellular company to provide data on your mobile phone. Also, the police helps to find the location of a mobile phone, and the IMEI code that any device has, it is assigned by the manufacturer, and when you purchase the device, it is entered into the database of the cellular operator. As a rule, this number can be found in the documents to the mobile phone, and when buying it, you should find out if the cellular company has changed it, if so, it should be recorded in the guarantee so that if necessary it can be easily found. Therefore, when submitting an application, before finding a mobile phone, a police officer will ask you for the IMEI code. And if at least one call is made on your phone, the new owner will be quickly spotted, and your device will return to you, even if the attacker changes the SIM card.However, some craftsmen change the IMEI code, and then the phone will be impossible to find. Now you know how to find lost phones, and in case of his theft, reinsure yourself in advance so that you can easily find it later.


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