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How to find the index?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
June 1, 2012
How to find the index?

The speed and reliability of the delivery of a letter, parcel post or parcel depends on a properly written zip code. But how to find the index? How to calculate a zip code at an existing address?

Despite the tremendous possibilities of the Internet, we all face the sending of letters and parcels. If writing your own address is not a problem, then what about the index? After all, the absence of a zip code makes it difficult to deliver the item you sent. For those who are not ready to make important people wait for him - there is a way out!

Index definition options:

  1. Ask postal workers;
  2. Seek help from parents / neighbors;
  3. Do a search for old letters.

All these methods will bring results, but will require time and some effort.

How to know the index at the address easily, quickly and without leaving home

To reduce your costs there is a website:. It is easy to use and is a list of regions of Russia (regions, republics, autonomous districts, etc.).After selecting the zone you need and following the link, you will find yourself in front of a new list - the administrative units of your chosen district. Now you are offered to decide on the necessary city / district / settlement / other. The very scheme of the site is as follows:

Region of Russia (region, territory, republic, autonomous region, autonomous region) City / district / village Streets.

So, step by step, having reached the street you need, you will know the zip code.

And let the mail bring you happy news!


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