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How to flash DIR-300?

The router DIR-300 has several completely different modifications, respectively, depending on this and compatible firmware are selected. To do this, first determine the revision of your existing router. You can see it on the packaging, namely at the bottom of the box. The factory-built DIR-300 router has the following IP address, an empty password and the login name "admin". So, let's consider how to flash the DIR-300 router, if it is completely new.

Flashing router

To install DD-WRT on your DIR-300, you can flash the router directly from the web interface itself. So, we will consider this process step by step.

  • First, we download the latest available version, then select the model of the router you have. Having passed to this address, you will see that there are two files there, but we choose one - factory-webflash and save it on your personal computer.
  • We connect the network card of your PC to one of the LAN ports on the DIR-300, using a special cable that must be directly connected. You can automatically get your own IP address if you contact the router's DHCP server or you can assign an address in the properties of your network interface from the subnet.Now we need to launch the browser and type the address http: ⁄⁄⁄, after which we will see the standard form with the password and login already prepared, which you can use to log into your router interface.
  • You will need to enter an empty password and login indicated above, as well as a confirmation code, which will be indicated in the figure. Now go to Maintenance -> Firmware Update, then click "browse" and select the downloaded file, which has the name "dlink-revb-factory-webflash.bin", then click "Upload".
  • Now we have to wait a few minutes, as the router updates its image at this time. While the router will be flashing, it cannot be disconnected from the power supply in any way.
  • After that, the router will restart itself, and we will get an answer that the browser did not find the corresponding page on the network, because the address of the DIR-300 has just changed. If the router firmware has passed correctly, then the router must load DD-WRT, after which its address will change to
  • We pass to the following address http: ⁄⁄⁄ and DD-WRT should open before us. It is worth noting that when you first start your router will ask you to change remote logins and passwords. There may also be some difficulties when loading the page; to do this, simply clear the cache.You can also try to go through http: ⁄⁄⁄Status_Router.asp.
  • Our next step is the DD-WRT configuration, which we customize. Now the process of how to flash the DIR-300 is over. You can start using the router.

A large number of videos are posted on the Internet regarding how to properly flash a router of this brand, so if you have difficulty understanding the above, you can ask for help from the video.

Updating DD-WRT firmware

Over time, even the firmware become obsolete, so they need to be updated periodically. To do this, download the latest version, in the same place we choose the model of your router. The next step is to download a file called ddwrt-webflash, and save it on our computer. Now we need to open the DD-WRT in any of the browsers and go to Administration, then click on "Firmware Upgrade". Then we need to click "browse" and select the file that is saved under the name "dir300-revb-ddwrt-webflash.bin". Now click on the "Upgrade" button. It remains for us to wait a few minutes, after which the browser completely refreshes the page. Thus, it becomes clear that the firmware was successful. Therefore, it is quite easy and fast to flash d-link DIR-300. After that, do not forget to turn off the power of the router and can begin to fully use it.

Return to standard configuration

There are cases when we simply forget the password of the router during the operation. To return to the old configuration, which was when buying a new router, you need to update the device. Update it is not so difficult, but for this you need to reset the already configured configuration on the router. To do this, after a full load is completed, press the Reset button and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. After you release your finger, the router will restart itself, and the settings will return at the time when you just bought the device. After you carry out this procedure, you will need to reinstall your login and password, as it was stated above. All operations with the router should be done according to the instructions, but if you have lost it somewhere, you can safely follow the tips mentioned in the article and it will be very easy to flash d-link DIR 300. It is important to do everything consistently and accurately.


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