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How to flash "January"?

January 24, 2015
How to flash "January"?

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How to flash "January"?

After the improvement and tuning of the injection car, as well as the installation of more powerful units, you should flash the power supply unit. Consider how to flash "January" under the new configuration of the motor.

Firmware mode

The January block has 81 contacts, among which 5 are large and 76 are small. In preparation for the firmware, you should feed them a 12-volt power. Contact K-line unit responsible for the firmware, is connected to the adapter.

The firmware of the power supply is made using the Master Kit device. For its success it is necessary to solder several wires:

  • From the first contact of the Master Kit, there is a wire to which another is soldered to connect to the power supply. Already on the tip of the second wire they solder six contacts that are worn on the corresponding sections of the "January" block.
  • To the contact K-line also connect the contact that goes to other elements of the electronic unit.
  • Two more wires are soldered to the "Minus" power wire, which also go to the contacts of the unit.

To flash the recorder, you need to insert the USB-adapter into the appropriate connector and apply power.A motorcycle battery or any other 12-volt device can be used as a current source. Flashing the electronic unit, we use the CombiLoader program, in which we should select the necessary firmware and load it into the buffer. To record, you must remove and re-insert the wire on the thirteenth contact of the unit.


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