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How to flash S5830i?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 2, 2015
How to flash S5830i?

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How to flash S5830i?

Smartphone Galaxy Ace from Samsung is one of the representatives of the budget segment. It has good technical characteristics and affordable cost, thanks to which it has gained immense popularity among consumers. On the smartphone, as well as on any other digital device, malfunctions in the work of the firmware can occur, in order to get rid of them, you should flush the device. It is worth noting that Samsung’s firmware can be recognized by typing * # 0000 # on the numeric keypad.

How to flash S5830i Galaxy Ace?

  1. To start ;
  2. firmware for your smartphone;
  3. drivers for your device;
  4. Unzip the archives with the firmware and the Odin program to the root of the drive "C:";
  5. Install previously downloaded drivers;
  6. Run the Odin program and select the firmware files in the fields BOOTLOADER, CSC, PHONE, PDA.
  7. Remove the battery from the phone, hold down the power button and both volume buttons;
  8. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB;
  9. After the download starts on the phone, click the “Start” button in Odin;
  10. After the firmware is completed, reinsert the battery and turn on the smartphone.

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