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How to fold the stove

Most often, the wall of the firebox of a bath stove-heater is lined with fireclay bricks. It is laid on the edge. Grid-irons which serve as a support for stones are put on this lining. However, the grate has drawbacks. The problem is that when heated and under the pressure of stones, they can sag. Therefore it is necessary to regularly replace them. Take into account, even the most powerful grates will not help to solve the problem.
All the walls of the stove are under the influence of stones that are loaded into the bath stove. When heated, their expansion occurs. Masonry can not stand and tear. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to lay the stones carefully so that there is a gap between them. This will be completely avoided only if paving stones are used. Stacking them in staggered order. There should be a gap between the stones and the wall.
Quite often, the laying of stones is carried out on the vault, which is made of fireclay bricks.The need for this arises if the width of the furnace heater is more than 250 millimeters. Note that during prolonged use, the arch can burst the laying. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to pull the furnace down with wire or with tare tape. Remember, the oven will have a very non-aesthetic look. Few people want to have such a structure in his bath.
It is recommended that only the inner part of the bath stove, which is made of fireclay bricks, is attached. The tie can be made using a welded frame made of steel corners. The gap between the inner case of such a “matryoshka” and the outer one increases to 2-3 centimeters, which in itself is a solution to many problems.
Particular attention should be paid to smoke. It depends on the efficiency of the bath stove. Quite often, a design is proposed that has a direct chimney above the chamber for stones. This option does not contribute to a good heating of the furnace and stones. The stove will need to stoke longer, the consumption of firewood will increase, besides, the stove will cool down quickly.

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