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How to get a neck UMO

You will need
  • - text of the textbook;
  • - covering letter;
  • - letter of guarantee.
Find out if your publication is suitable for the ULV neck. For this, the textbook should have a volume of six author's printed sheets or more. Also, it should be written in one of the specialties that are taught in universities. In addition to print, electronic textbooks and study guides are also accepted for consideration.
Make a letter requesting the assignment of a ULO neck. As the addressee, you must specify the chairman of the educational-methodical council (UMC) for the specialty for which the textbook is compiled. His name and the name of the council can be found on the ULV website, in the “ULV Structure” section. Clicking on the name UMS, you will find the name, phone number and email address of the head.
The letter should indicate the name of the publication, the coordinates of the publishing house or university that is going to publish the book, and also briefly outline the subject and significance of the publication. The letter must be signed by the rector of the university or the director of the publishing house engaged in the release of the manual.
Also draw up a document in which payment is guaranteed for the activity of the expert committee of the ULV. If the textbook is issued by the university, a document about the meeting of the educational council regarding the textbook indicating that it is suitable for the examination of the Training and Methodology Commission is needed.
Send all of these documents along with the manuscript to Moscow at 119991, Leninskie Gory, Moscow State University, Main Building, A 1006. After that, wait for an answer about granting the neck or refusing it. Pay examination services. If approved by the commission, you will receive the right to put a ULV signature stamp on the title page of the publication.
If the ULV’s approval was denied, you can submit the textbook again to the expert committee. But pre-finalize the text in accordance with the comments indicated in the response of the staff of the Educational and Methodical Association.

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