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How to get gold for free in Avatars?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
October 1, 2014
How to get gold for free in Avatars?

Avatar is an exciting online game that has its own game currency. This is gold and silver, which can be earned if you perform a variety of tasks. Gold in Avatars will help you acquire a variety of items and gain additional benefits or opportunities. But earning gold is not easy. Let's talk more about how to get gold for free in the game of Avatar.

Avatar: how to get gold for free

Consider the basic methods of obtaining gold (gold) in the game Avatar.

Win on the wheel of luck

You will receive four gold coins if you win on the wheel of luck. The wheel of luck is a lottery drum in which you can win gold, silver, chips or try to “break” the biggest win - Jackpot.

Performing tasks

Consider the main tasks and how much gold you can get for them:

  • a generous gesture - one gold coin;
  • secrets of seduction - one gold coin;
  • Baling checkers - one gold coin;
  • plague shopping - one gold coin.

You can also perform tasks in the “Gold Free” menu.

Scoring at school

If you score 275 points in school, you will receive fifty gold coins. The school in the Avatar game is a place where a player can test his mental abilities and get points for it. The school has the following subjects: mathematics, Russian, physics, literature, chemistry, history, geography, computer science and biology. There are special questions in these subjects.

On the day a player has the right to answer only five questions in any subjects. It is also possible every day to answer the questions of one subject that you have learned best. The school can also perform a variety of tasks. For each assignment you will receive two gold coins.

Daily game attendance

If you enter the game every day, then on the fifth day of the visit a bonus in the amount of one gold coin will be credited, on the tenth - five gold coins and on the fifteenth - seven.

Casino game

The easiest way to get gold in the Avatar game is a daily casino game. There are free chips available for this.

How to earn gold in the garden of Avatars

In the Avatar game, the player can also earn gold in the garden. For this he needs:

  • in the first shift - water the flowers;
  • in the second - to destroy insects;
  • in the third - to catch butterflies;
  • in the fourth shift, you need to spray the flowers, change the system time on the computer and select another month.

Thus, you will receive up to 500 gold coins for this quest.

Now you know how to get free gold in the game Avatar. Enjoy your time in the game.


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