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How to get on the roof?

In life there are different situations, sometimes you just need to get on the roof of the house. There are many reasons for this: repairs, snow dumping in winter, antenna installation, or even a fire. Some people are interested in how to get on the roof, in order to see the fireworks or just admire the view and the romantic atmosphere.

How to climb on the roof of a private house?

To get on the roof of a private house is easy, as it is usually low, and you can reach the roof with the help of an ordinary wooden staircase. Only first you need to check the reliability of the steps and fix the structure well. If there is a metal ladder, it is better to use it, since it is more stable and reliable. It must be installed carefully so as not to damage the edge of the roof.

It may turn out that there is no ladder or it has gone somewhere, then a high, wide table will fit. It must also be sustainable and able to support the weight of an adult. After the item is securely fixed, you should put a chair on top and, standing on it, climb onto the roof.This option is only suitable if there is an assistant who will hold the chair, otherwise it is very easy to fall.

If there is a tall, branchy tree next to the house, then this is exactly the place from where you can climb onto the roof. To accomplish this, you should choose thick branches that are very close to the building.

How to get to the roof of a multistory building?

It is much easier to conquer a multi-storey building, because it always provides access to the roof, which is necessary for security and roofing. The path to the top is on the top floor and is a hatch on the ceiling, usually closed to the castle. A ladder is attached to it (or it is nearby). To get to the roof, you only need to get the key stored by the senior on the entrance.

In some houses, the path to the roof is free; you just need to climb the stairs.

If there is no key and the exit to the roof is closed, but the house is equipped with a fire escape, then if there is a great need, you can climb the roof over it. This is very dangerous and can only be done by physically strong and clever people.

Precautionary measures

Going to the roof of the building, it is worth remembering that care must be taken to avoid accidents.When the cherished goal is achieved, do not forget about security measures, especially on a high-rise building, where the distance to the ground is decent. Here are the rules to follow:

  • If the roof is sloping and there is no fence around the visor, it is better not to step on such a surface, especially in slippery shoes;
  • On areas covered with slate, you need to walk with great care, so as not to damage the floor or fall in the places of the supporting boards;
  • In no case can not touch the wires or antennas, if there is no experience with them;
  • It is forbidden to take children and people drunk onto the roof.

The roof is not a place for games and entertainment. After completing the necessary work should leave it, closing the entrance to the castle, so that no one had the temptation to conquer the summit.


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