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How to get revenge on the former?

When the lover throws, it becomes very offensive. However, over time you can get rid of it, and in this case, revenge may be a suitable way out. Talk about how to get revenge on the former.

Ways to get revenge on the former

After parting with his beloved, the thought �I want revenge on the former� is spinning around in my head. If he has offended, it is only natural that he wants to do muck. However, it is not necessary to resort to illegal actions, otherwise the consequences can be very deplorable. It is better to think well of revenge on the ex-boyfriend, without resorting to criminal methods.

Show the ex that you are happy

Do not call a guy and insult him - it will not give any results. The best revenge of the former is to show him how happy you are without him. Try to be in the same places as he. In this case, you should look perfect: take care of the hair and makeup, buy yourself a few new things. Flirt in front of his eyes with other men. He simply will not stand it and will definitely be jealous. You will see that he will call you soon and ask you how things are going. You need to say that you are very good without him and you feel great.

Spin the romance with his friend

Revenge of the ex-husband or boyfriend will be terrible if you spin the affair with his friend. So, you will be constantly in his sight that he will be very angry. Surely and a friend will tell you that you are just gold, the main thing is to build good relations with him and not to make scandals. The former will simply become moribund, seeing your happiness, and will be terribly unhappy that you forgot him so quickly.

Wet his reputation

If the new novel is not in your plans, then you can take revenge on the former in a different way, for example, staining his reputation. For example, you can place his photo on the forums where people with gay look for a soul mate. It will be possible to offer some guys friendship and give the phone to the former. And it is better to appoint a new friend a date at work with your boyfriend. In addition, a courier should send him romantic gifts with a "blue" overtones. All employees will tease him for a very long time. You can also write him letters from fans from different mailboxes, this exhausts him even more. A few more tricky tips can be found in our article - How to punish the former.

Petty pranks

You can avenge the former, arranging him minor mischief. For example, you can send him a letter with a virus from a third-party mailbox, which will quickly devour not only his files, but also irreparably harm the operating system. If your ex has a car, you can smear the handles with plum jam. You can also scatter wheat on the hood - the birds will flock to eat, and pretty much paint the paint. From this, your boyfriend will be beside himself with anger. You can think up a lot of dirty tricks, you just need to show imagination.


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