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How to get rid of bones on the legs?

The bones are a rather unpleasant and painful formation on the legs, which is formed due to certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is not so easy to get rid of them, but there are still certain methods. How to get rid of the bones on the legs is a rather sensitive issue, there are certain methods for their treatment, which are better to combine.

Diet therapy

When a person develops bones on his legs, he needs to remove from his diet all those dishes that can cause inflammation of the joint, and have an irritating effect on him. This is primarily spicy, fried, broths with soybean spices and beans flour products.

Comfortable shoes

Those who have bones on their legs still divorced, you need to wear only comfortable shoes, and only from genuine leather. Shoes, which are characterized by heels, is strictly contraindicated. This places additional stress on the entire foot, especially on the large joint. Heels are allowed no more than 4 cm.Socks should be worn only from natural fabric, so that the feet breathe.

Exercises for treatment

Do not pay attention to the simplicity of these exercises, their effectiveness is very high.

  • Go barefoot often, it hardens your feet and legs pretty well.
  • Take a regular pencil for drawing, throw it on the floor and hook your toes. Then, right with your toes, try to draw numbers from one to five, this will make the joints on the legs more flexible, and the likelihood of their inflammation will be much lower.
  • You can also use a piece of cloth that can be crumpled and leveled using your toes to work out the flexibility of your leg joints.

Foot massage

It is also quite active and effective tool to combat the bones on the legs. Massage restores the blood flow to the legs, and also helps to obtain beneficial substances along with the blood flow. With the help of massage, muscles are relaxed, tension is removed from them, ligaments and tendons relax.


Another way to get rid of bones on the legs. A person must undergo a course of mud therapy, ultrasound treatment, as well as electrophoresis or baths, which will help the feet to relax and improve blood flow. The optimal method will tell you the orthopedic surgeon.

Anti-inflammatory medicine

To prevent the inflammatory process, as well as reduce pain, the doctor prescribes a course of medications (tablets, ointments, patches) that are applied directly to the inflammatory focus and areas of pain.

Operative intervention

Also, the bones on the legs are treated through surgery. True, the word “cure” can be confidently replaced by the word “remove”, since the bones are simply removed by a surgeon, after which the person undergoes a rehabilitation course. The operation is also necessary to restore the correct shape of the twisted toes, and to fix them in the correct position. The stitches are removed 4 days after surgery, rehabilitation takes about 2 weeks. In order to prevent the return of bones or relapses and get rid of bones on the legs for a long time, it does not cost to wear shoes with a heel more than 4 cm for about a year after the operation, only after the first year you can raise the height, but only by 2 centimeters. The operation can not be done to people who suffer from diseases such as obesity, thrombophlebitis, diabetes, poor blood clotting.

Inoperative method of correcting bones on the legs

One of the methods of treatment of the bones on the legs, non-surgical intervention, can be orthopedic tires. Tires are adjusted on the big toe, fixing it, thus, in the correct position. Tires reduce the risk of arthrosis, inflammation and deformity. Tires can be chosen for any foot size, and for any foot. If you wear it for quite a long time, the leg will return to its normal position. Consult about this treatment can be a doctor orthopedist.

Do not start the disease, it is better to immediately consult a doctor, it will help you get rid of the bones on your legs forever.


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