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How to get rid of mother in law?

If the attitude of the daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law is not the best, and the annoying mother of her husband continues to make unexpected visits to you, try to get rid of her, with the help of our good advice.

So, we will begin how to get rid of the mother-in-law once and for all and without any crime.

How to ward off mother in law. Step-by-step instruction

Step One - Meeting

If you find out that an unexpected guest is coming to you, in no case do not meet her at the train station or bus stop, refer to the fact that you are very busy with household chores.

Step Two - Care

�If the arrival of the mother-in-law caught you at home, take the following and you will know how to ward off the mother-in-law. Meet her on the threshold with amazement and a bunch of questions: �Anna Andreevna, do you look so bad? Did something happen to you? Are you sick? Your husband, during this conversation, hears a touching concern for his mother, she also thinks, �Am I really so old? Lord, what if she is right? "

Believe me, to hear the unpleasant truth about yourself is very unpleasant, and even more so to stay with it.After such a meeting, the mood in the mother-in-law will not be the best, and she will not want to stay with you for long.

Step Three - Food

To know how to get rid of her mother-in-law, take the third step, called food.

Surely your mother-in-law loves something delicious and cooks a lot. In no case, do not let her to the stove, tell me that you are ready and you do not need her help. And during lunch, prepare her a surprise, with diet cuisine. No chops or buns to you, and boiled fish with beets. Explain that your family members have digestive problems and for their sake you have to choke on this beetroot.

Step Four - Boredom

Take care in advance that all channels with TV shows that your mother-in-law is watching are blocked. And of course you don�t know the password. The children planned a trip to friends, the husband had an urgent work or a responsible football match, and you had "sharply" severe pains in the lower abdomen, you need to take a pill and rest.

Now your mother-in-law is doomed to spend the evening alone and in silence. Here's another, do not forget, to hide all the products from the refrigerator, so that it would not be pulled something to bake.

True, after this, the woman is already getting pity, and it would be possible to stop, but if you are determined to bring the matter to the end, then continue.

Step Five - Domestic Discomfort

A reliable way to wean a mother-in-law, to arrange for her everyday inconvenience. Urgently repair the repair. The best way to show the mother-in-law in diamonds is to repair the toilet. Remove the door and all the plumbing, pour plenty of different chemicals. Of course, it is very tough and, for sure, your husband does not agree to this, then there is a fallback.

Arrange her insomnia. As soon as she falls asleep, start wandering around the apartment, moaning, as if something hurts. Look for pills, knock with bedside tables and rustle bags. At the same time, you will not be awakened by the children, while the mother-in-law is almost distraught.

Step Six, the most desperate

Together with the mother-in-law, invite your mother, but at the same time, press her husband and mother-in-law. Desperately complain, let a tear, say that this is the last straw.

Now you have a proven weapon, as soon as the mother-in-law wants to visit you, you are happy to say: �This is necessary, what a coincidence my mother will be too!� After that, urgent matters will appear in the mother-in-law and the visit will be transferred.


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