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How to get to Tver?

Galina Mirzahmedova
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How to get to Tver?

Tver is located almost 168 kilometers north of Moscow. This city is connected to the rest of the country's settlements by highway, rail and air links, so getting to Tver, both by bus and by train / train, will not be difficult.

How to get to Tver by train

The simplest way to get to Tver is by train, which follows from Moscow to the northern capital, St. Petersburg, as almost all flights of this route are stopped in Tver. The departure of these trains occurs from the Leningrad station of Moscow. Such trains depart every day, starting at half past midday and into the morning. Since the distance is short, it also takes a very short time on the road - from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the type of train.

In addition, from Leningradsky railway station to Tver every day, starting from five o'clock in the morning and until 22-23 o'clock, an electric train runs at intervals of 1-2 hours. It can take you to Tver in 2-3 hours, but it can be longer, especially during daytime hours.

Bus to Tver

The starting point of the Moscow-Tver regular bus is the square in front of the Leningrad station. The fare on the bus is slightly higher than on the train, but on the way you will have to spend all the same 2-3 hours. The terminal station of this bus is the bus station in Tver.

Tver by car

The easiest way to get to Tver is by car on the E-105 highway (M10 �Russia�). You can reach it from the Moscow Ring Road or the Leningrad Highway. At the same time, the distance of 140 kilometers (from the Moscow Ring Road to the entrance to the destination) is overcome, depending on the cruising speed of the car, in 1.5-3 hours. You can enter Tver from Moscow, from Volokolamskoye Highway, or by touring the city along a bypass highway, over a bridge over the Volga, turning onto Staritskoye Highway (to the right).


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