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How to get to Vsevolozhsk?

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How to get to Vsevolozhsk?

The city of Vsevolozhsk is located seven kilometers from St. Petersburg and named in honor of Pavel Alexandrovich Vsevolozhsky, who was state councilor and leader of the nobility of the Shlisselburg district of St. Petersburg province.

The city has a small population of seventy thousand people and several sights, including the old manor Priyutino, where Pushkin once visited, several museums of different subjects, several monuments and different churches and temples with beautiful architecture.

However, to see all these sights and the beautiful nature of the city, you need to know how to get to Vsevolozhsk from St. Petersburg by different types of transport. Consider this question further.

How to get to Vsevolozhsk from St. Petersburg

To get to Vsevolozhsk from St. Petersburg can be several types of transport

  • On the train. The train runs daily from the Finland Station (metro "pl.Lenin ") through Vsevolozhsk;
  • By bus. From the Ladozhskaya and Devyatkino metro stations, route taxis and buses run to the city of Vsevolozhsk every day;
  • By car. You can drive to Vsevolozhsk from St. Petersburg from Kad along the Ryabovskoye Highway. You can also drive along the Koltushsky Highway to Vsevolozhsk from the KAD. However, the first path will be much faster.

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