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How to heat the garage?

Since any car owner will need to spend enough time in the garage, you should think about its improvement. Especially in the cold season. After all, the cold is very harmful to the car, and maintaining a certain temperature can prevent the breakdown of your “iron horse”. Heating a garage in the winter is an individual matter, and depends on the possibilities.

Electrical appliances

This is one of the most common solutions to the question - the better to heat the garage? Electric devices, depending on their type, have different power consumption and price.

Many motorists make such devices with their own hands. For example, the well-known "goat". This is a self-made device of high power. Its plus is the availability and low cost, and the minus is the risk of a short circuit.

You can solve the problem of how to heat the garage by buying electric heaters with directional action. They are more reliable and less energy consuming.

You can purchase a ventilation air heater. It directs warm air flows around the entire perimeter of the room, or to a specific area - the floor or walls.

Due to low power, such a heater cannot heat the whole room, so it can be used together with another heating device.

It should be remembered that due to the large number of heaters overvoltage can occur in the network, and in case of poor wiring lead to short circuits and burnout.

Gas heater

How to heat the garage with a gas heater? Before you solve this issue, you need to find out what kind of heater you want to install. Gas heaters are of two types: catalytic and infrared.

  • Infrared heaters are a gas burner with ceramic sections. The gas, in the process of combustion, heats the ceramic, and the heat rises. Heated air spreads from floor to ceiling. This heater has enough power to heat the entire room, which makes it more preferable than electrical appliances. The minus is the products of gas combustion that remain in the air. In order to avoid this, the room must always be ventilated.
  • Catalytic gas heaters are a design from a torch and the closed ceramic sections.As a result, the gas heats the room, leaving no decay products in the air, but neutralizing them inside the sections.

Oven - Potbelly stove

This heater is the most economical and powerful. The stove is operated on solid fuel - coal, firewood, etc. Before you heat the garage in the winter with this stove, familiarize yourself with the fire safety regulations, as in the furnace is the process of burning.

Be careful with the operation of the stove, and always turn it off before leaving the garage to avoid fire.

Safety regulations

  • When heating the garage with a stove, make sure that there is good ventilation and the complete absence of flammable objects near the stove.
  • Using electrical appliances, remember about the power devices. Install a fuse to cut off the power supply in case of overload, voltage surges or short circuits. Also ensure that there are no flammable objects near a fixed or portable outlet.
  • On heating devices it is forbidden to heat food, dry clothes and shoes.
  • When heating with gas appliances, make sure that gas cylinders are stored in proper conditions.It is imperative that the garage must be above ground level - due to the peculiarities of the gas to settle at the lower points of the room. Before you turn on the light in such a garage, you should check the cylinders for gas leaks, a sign of this is the characteristic smell in the room.

Warming your hands

In order that heating of the room was the most effective, preliminary it is worth taking care of thermal insulation of garage. To this end, the internal walls are laid with slag blocks or foam concrete blocks, and revetted with wood chipboard.


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