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How to install a refrigerator?

The service life of household appliances depends not only on its factory quality, but also on competent operation. And for many types of such equipment, proper installation is also a competent operation.

For example, how to install a refrigerator according to all the rules, but taking into account the layout of the room, neighborhood with other appliances?

Fresh air access

Putting a refrigerator is best in the kitchen, but only if its area is at least 6 square meters. In a smaller room, the refrigerator will be �hot�, so it needs good air circulation. That is, the room in which the refrigerator is located should be spacious enough and well ventilated.

The same applies to the distance between the refrigerator and its surrounding walls, furniture and other furnishings. For example, for the summer period this distance should be at least 10 cm, and at another time it should be about 5 cm. Observance of this rule will ensure the cooling of the unit heating from the motor operation.


With regard to the neighborhood of the refrigerator with the walls and furnishings, figured out. And how to install the refrigerator correctly in relation to other household appliances? Does his life and efficiency depend on the neighborhood? Yes!

All heating or heating devices should be approximately two to three steps away from the refrigerator. This and the usual stove, and radiator, and boiler or titanium, and gas water heater. Even a separate freezer should not be too close to the refrigerator.

The close proximity of all these devices will, at best, significantly reduce the efficiency of the refrigerator. At worst, it will contribute to overheating of the motor and its failure.

Electric communications

For efficient operation of the refrigerator, it is important to competently provide it with power. Therefore it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • For the refrigerator you need a separate outlet, which will not be connected to other electrical appliances.
  • The power supply voltage must comply with the manufacturer�s requirements. For example, some foreign models of refrigerators are designed for a voltage of 115 V with an amplitude of oscillations of 10%.Domestic models and those that are produced in the CIS countries, designed for a voltage of 220 V and endure a higher amplitude of oscillation.
  • For longer operation of the refrigerator, it is desirable (but not necessary) to connect a voltage regulator to it.

When connecting the refrigerator, make sure that the electrical wiring that is suitable for the outlet, as well as the integrity of the cord from the refrigerator. Only then can you connect it to the power supply.

Horizontal base

Proper installation of the refrigerator implies leveling the base on which the unit will stand. Therefore, when installing, consider the following points:

  1. Ensure that the floor at the installation site is firm and level. If there are irregularities, then lay on this place, for example, a sheet of thick plywood.
  2. Adjust the height of the legs of the refrigerator so that the unit is firm and not loose. If this is not enough, then use additional supports.
  3. Read the instructions for installation recommendations. For example, some models need to be installed with a back bias for a closer fit of the refrigerator door.

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