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How to install a water filter

Decide where to install the filter. If it is a central filter consisting of one or two flasks to install replaceable coarse and medium filters, then place them directly near the water inlet point of the apartment and immediately after the meter. If these are fine filters or reverse osmosis filtration systems, it is better to install them near the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where drinking, purified water will be collected and a gander will be installed for its withdrawal.
For the installation of flasks in which replaceable filters are laid, a space of 15 cm in width, 50 in height and 15 cm in depth is required. The installation site must have free access to allow easy replacement of the filter. The case flasks have special hooks or eyelets for fastening them to the wall.
Determine in which place it is better to install the filter in accordance with the requirements in order to minimize the distance to which the plumbing pipes will have to be moved or extended. Shut off the water supply to the apartment.
After the counter, fasten a piece of pipe that will reach the location of the filter, taking into account the conclusions from it. The nipple must end with an adapter or с inch female coupling. Complete with filter flasks there is a short pipe with a fixed movable nut, screw it into the tap of the water pipe. In relation to the pipe, mark the position of the fixtures for the body of the flask. Drill two holes in the marked places, insert the dowels and screw in the hooks or screws. Pipe that distributes water through the apartment, shorten the distance occupied by the filter, and equip the coupling with internal thread. Secure the second nipple to the filter supplied. Connect the filter flask on both sides and turn on the water supply.
To install a fine filter or reverse osmosis system, make enough space under the sink in the kitchen, enough to accommodate all the equipment. Fix the filter housing on the wall of the kitchen itself with the help of dowels and impact screws or to a strong wall of the table with self-tapping screws, on which the sink is located. Unscrew the hose from the water supply to the mixer.Set tee instead. Use FUM tape for sealing. Connect a mixer hose to one of the terminals of the tee and a tap to the other. Connect the inlet hose from the filter to the tap. Install on the sink gander from the filter, which is included or purchased separately. Connect the output hose of the filter to the gander.

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