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How to install drivers on the printer?

Installing drivers on the printer - the process is not too complicated. However, sometimes there may be certain difficulties. Let's take a closer look at how to install drivers on the printer and what to do when problems arise with this.

How to install free printer driver

Let's start with the easiest way - installing the driver from a CD (CD) attached to the printer. Insert the software CD into the drive and wait for it to start. If the autorun feature is disabled, go to My Computer or Computer (you can use the Start button, but it’s more convenient to create a shortcut on the desktop) and click on the icon with the CD / DVD drive. Now in the disc menu, click directly on the driver - manufacturers, as a rule, create convenient, intuitive menus. As soon as you click on the driver file, the installation process will begin.

During the installation of the driver, you may be asked to accept the license agreement, which should be done, since, in fact, this does not oblige you to anything.Sometimes during installation, an inscription may pop up that this version of the driver has not been tested for compatibility with your operating system. In this case, click "Continue Anyway." As a rule, the use of a driver for different operating systems (operating systems) is not critical - the main thing is for the printer model to match. Now wait until the driver is installed and restart the computer.

Search for drivers on the Internet

If you cannot install the printer driver from the disk, proceed to the next step: downloading the driver from the Internet. There are two ways. The first way is to automatically search for a driver using a special program. I can recommend a free program for this purpose. If the problem could not be solved in this way, then we use the second method - downloading the driver from the printer manufacturer’s website. I will give you the official pages of the major manufacturers of printers.

  • - in the "Printers" section, select the type, series and model, after which you can download the driver;
  • - here everything is in Russian and everything is clear, type in the name of the model and download the necessary driver;
  • - here, too, everything is clear, choose the model and download the driver;
  • - here is a link to the English-language support site and a guide for finding drivers on it;
  • - on this site you will find an almost complete list of printer manufacturers operating in the Russian market.

The only negative is that many sites are in English, but, in principle, knowing the basic words, you can easily find the right driver. Let's go to the company's website for example - select the menu “Download Drivers” - you will see 6 types of products, under each of which there is a link to download drivers for these devices. Let's select the last group: “Printiva, Inkjets, Lasers” and follow the link “Download These Drivers” - so we got to the download page. Links to download drivers for the necessary devices and operating systems are highlighted in blue - click on them and the download will start automatically. After that, you just need to unzip the archive and start the driver installation process. I think the principle of finding a driver for the printer is clear to you - good luck!


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