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How to install games on the iPhone?

Appliances from Apple more and more embedded in our lives. Previously, the iPhone was a strange device, not only for Russia, but for the whole world, it was not easy to meet a person with this gadget. However, the market developed and more and more people could acquire this device. At the present time it�s hard to imagine that someone�s Apple product will not meet anyone in the subway car, or whether it�s the office where you work, and even the bitten apple flashes on the TV screen. Many people, choosing a new phone, give their preference to the iPhone. And accordingly, an increasing number of people have a question: how to install games on the iPhone? There are two ways.

Using iTunes and USB Cable

  1. First of all, download and install iTunes from the Apple site, if you haven't installed it yet. We connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store tab.
  2. Next we need to create an AppleID. Options for how to do a great many. Consider the most popular. Go to the category "Top free" ("Top free"). And choose to download any application.iTunes will prompt you to enter your AppleID and password. If not, then select "Create a new account."
  3. After creating the AppleID and confirming the so-called purchase, the application should download. You can see this in the tab under the iTunes Store. When the application is loaded, it automatically goes to the "Media Library", you can find it in the "Programs" tab.
  4. And to answer the question of how to install games on the iPhone, one step remains. Go to the iPhone tab in your iTunes. Then go to the tab "Programs", which appears at the top of the window. We check that there is a checkmark "Sync", as well as a check mark on those games and applications that you want to download to iPhone.
  5. After that, in the lower right corner, press the button either �Synchronize� or �Apply�. There will be a synchronization process, which will consist of several stages. You can watch the progress of events at the top of iTunes. It will show what step is performed, how many more steps are left and, of course, the nature of the action being performed.

    After some time, the synchronization will end and you can enjoy games and applications, as well as tell friends how to install games on the iPhone.

Via cellular network or Wi-Fi and AppStore

This method may be a bit simpler than the above, but it will require you to access the Internet directly from the iPhone. It�s better to use Wi-Fi, it�s usually faster and saves you money.

  1. Find on your iPhone AppStore and launch it.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you can see the various categories. As in the first case, it is better to go first to the �Top 25� tab and then �Top Free�. This is done first of all, in order not to indicate the method of payment for the application, that is, the data of the plastic card. One way or another, you can always specify or change it.
  3. Select the application you like and download it. The AppStore will also require you to enter your AppleID and password. Accordingly, if it is not there, then you can create it and after that download the application. After completion of the operation, you can fully enjoy the creation of the developer.

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