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How to install Xray on Minecraft?

Alena Mikhailova
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How to install Xray on Minecraft?

It is not easy to extract resources into Minecraft, and it takes a huge amount of time. However, you can install yourself Xray mod, and life will become much easier. Thanks to him, it will be possible to receive in a short period of time even the rarest minerals, because this application allows you to see them underground in Minecraft. Tips for installing Xray on Minecraft will be described below.

How can I install Xray on Minecraft?

  1. Installing the Xray mod is quite simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions. So, download the mod or.
  2. Then you need to find in the folder with the game Minecraft, which is often called. Minecraft / versions archive - 1.7.10.jar. if you have a game version 1.7.9, the archive will be called 1.7.9.jar, for version 1.7.8 the archive will be 1.7.8.jar.
  3. Open the archive and move with the replacement of The Simple Xray. That's all, you can use the mod and look for minerals with it.

How to use Xray on Minecraft

After you managed to install Xray, you need to go into the game and press the "X" key. This action allows you to change the textures of useless rocks to transparent ones.This way, you can see where your resources are and dig them up quickly.

As a result, you can easily get such rare resources as:

  • diamonds;
  • red dust;
  • ore.

For half an hour you can collect a huge amount of ore or diamonds. However, going to the server Minecraft, you should not include X-ray vision, since not all moderators are good at Xray mode, considering that the player is just lazy. After all, the creators of Minecraft did not do this cheat, it was created by an ordinary user and is considered illegal.


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