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How to insulate the walls in the apartment

You will need
  • graph paper, pencil, mineral fiber or rigid foam insulation materials, sharp knife with a long blade, handsaw, wooden slats, antiseptic, hyproc sheets, plastic film, adhesive tape, furniture stapler, screws, screwdriver
Make on paper an accurate drawing of the walls that need insulation. You can do the calculation on graph paper. You will know exactly the amount of necessary insulation material, which will save you from unnecessary expenses.
Cut the insulation material to the size of the wooden crates. Hard foam plates are cut with a hacksaw or jigsaw. Slabs of mineral fibers are cut with a sharp knife. Do not use a power tool for cutting mineral fiber plates, otherwise there will be a high concentration of harmful substances in the air.
Place the prepared insulation boards in the hollows of the batten.
Prevent moisture penetration from the room into the insulation boards. This is done by creating a vapor barrier that prevents moisture accumulation in the insulation.Polyethylene film is used as a vapor barrier. The film is attached to the wooden slats using a stapler. The strips of the film are overlapped and fastened to each other with an adhesive tape, which ensures reliable sealing.
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Warming of the walls, which is carried out from inside the apartment, creates an increased humidity in the rooms. It is necessary to provide good ventilation in the apartment.
Helpful advice
If you have a need to get rid of noise, and not only in the insulation of walls, then carefully look at the properties of insulation when buying. Not all thermal insulation materials have sound insulation properties.

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