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How to legalize redevelopment?

Some apartment owners believe that in their own home they can do whatever they want. However, this is not always the case, for example, if the owner wants to make any restructuring in the apartment. It is not ironic, but our own housing does not belong to us completely. But it should be said that the legalization of redevelopment is not just a whim of the housing department or the State, it is a real necessity. After all, any restructuring in the apartment can be a danger to the entire high-rise building. In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, find out how to legitimize the redevelopment, in the event that it has not yet been done, and if the redevelopment has already happened.

How to legitimize the redevelopment of the apartment

  • Before you make redevelopment, you must come to the local municipal government and write a free form statement. It should indicate the purpose and type of redevelopment, as well as your address. It is necessary to indicate in the statement that you intend to carry out the redevelopment yourself or with the help of specialized organizations.In addition, write that the redevelopment you have planned does not violate the integrity of the building and will not harm the welfare or health of your neighbors.
  • A copy of the passport, documents confirming the ownership or written consent of the apartment owner should be attached to the application. It should be noted that all copies of the documents provided must be notarized.
  • If the local executive body does not give you permission to redevelop, it will be necessary to take the architectural planning task in the body of architecture and urban planning within three working days. The issued APZ will give you the right to develop your project and perform redevelopment of the apartment at your request.
  • In the case when the planning project affects the interests of unauthorized persons, all these facts should be indicated in the attached documentation.
  • To avoid subsequent problems and various kinds of inconveniences, you need to provide the notarized written consent of your neighbors or others to the redevelopment work to the local architecture and urban planning authority.It is extremely important to do this when redevelopment affects the supporting structures, which may entail significant changes in the overall concept of the building structure.
  • The final draft must be submitted for final approval to the local executive authority.

How to legitimize unauthorized redevelopment

If the redevelopment has already taken place without the necessary permission, then you should still legitimize the redevelopment of your home. In this case, it is done through the courts. To do this, you must make a certain form of a claim. As a plaintiff, you should indicate your full name, exact address and telephone number. The defendant must be the city administration or the district administration. You must also indicate the legal address of the defendant. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the following package of documents:

  • Technical passport before and after redevelopment. It is ordered in the bodies of technical inventory. And on the last passport there should be a stamp “unauthorized redevelopment”.
  • The conclusion of the Sanitary Surveillance showingthat all sanitary and technological standards are met.
  • Conclusion indicating the technical condition of the load-bearing walls and structures.
  • The conclusion of the state fire inspection, which reports that the redevelopment does not entail violations of fire safety requirements. You can get it at your local fire station.
  • Documents confirming the rights of the person who made the redevelopment regarding the dwelling: certificate of ownership, certificate of residence, warrant. If there are several owners in the apartment, they will necessarily act as co-plaintiffs. And if any other persons are registered in the apartment, they should be indicated in the lawsuit as third parties by the claimant.

Consideration of the application in court

The application must be submitted to the district court, where the dwelling is located. If all of the above conclusions are positive: no requirements and rules are violated, and all construction, sanitary and fire safety regulations are complied with, legal authority is established for the dwelling, the court has all the data to make a positive decision.Based on the court decision, the BTI authorities will have to issue a new registration certificate, as amended. How much it costs to legalize the redevelopment of the apartment can not be said for sure. The cost of coordination, as well as the timing of coordination, completely depend on the complexity of the future redevelopment, the number of floors and the building series, as well as the area of ​​the room and even the district in which the housing is located.

So the best option is a legal redevelopment, made by all necessary standards. If you have this opportunity.


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