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How do you like friends?

A good friend, like the faithful second half, is today quite a rarity. If a person wants to have loyal friends, then why not try to become so for your friends too? You can become a good friend by following simple tips that tell you how to like your friends.

Basic Tips

In order to become a good friend, you do not need to invent anything supernatural, you just need to follow the rules of good form and try to be an interesting person.

  • �A good friend will always smile, rejoice at the next meeting. In addition, the more a person smiles at his friends, the more smiles he gets in return.
  • �It is also better to contact friends by name or nickname. It's no secret that the name of a person is the most pleasant sound for him. Therefore, calling a friend by name, you can not only personalize, select it from the crowd, but also please.
  • �It is safe to say that a good friend will always be interested in the affairs and mood of his friends.It is necessary to do this only sincerely, since a fake interest can quickly open up. If a friend has good news, you just need to rejoice, you should not be jealous, and if there are problems, a friend needs to be helped, if not with actions, then at least morally.
  • Also, a good friend will always listen, not just talk. The ability to listen and hear friends is very much appreciated. And if to be so, then you can become a good friend to any person.
  • It�s good to have friends with you. If there are none, you can ask what your friend likes, try his passion for yourself. It is not only interesting, but also informative. Others like this behavior just like it.
  • It is very important to tell friends compliments, appreciating their deeds and actions. But here you also need to know the measure, too sweet flattery like a little.

Boyfriend friends

Having fallen in love with a guy, you should not protect him from his past life. It will be right if the girl decides to meet the boyfriend�s friends, tries to join their company. This is not so difficult.

Tips on how friends like a friend:

  • For this, it is necessary, first of all, �to be simpler.�Whining, tricks, �I don�t want it - I want it� will definitely not please the friends of the beloved. If something is wrong, you can quietly tell your boyfriend about it, but not to disclose it to the whole company.
  • You can also ask about hobbies, a place of study and the work of friends. Many people like to talk about themselves. Moreover, you can collect some useful information for yourself.
  • And, of course, humor. The first meeting with friends can be difficult, maybe friends will want to check the girl for restraint. Everything must be treated with humor, smile more and not be cruel.

How to like girlfriends girls

Often, girls of a new guy are perceived skeptically, with distrust and caution. You can join this company if you give equal attention to all the fair sex. But you only need to flirt with your girlfriend, with the rest just be friendly.

Girls love with their ears, so compliments will not be superfluous. You can pay attention to girlfriends girls and social networks, for many it is important. Like a photo a couple of times, you can already go to the list of good guys, and if you like �I like� and then �Tell friends�, you can generally gain trust in this way.But here it is important to make it clear to your girlfriend that this is a friendly gesture, otherwise you can run into jealousy.

And, of course, it is necessary to treat your girlfriend as best you can with her friends. Treat her like a lady: open the door, push a chair, etc. Girls will like this attitude to their girlfriend, and they may decide to accept such a guy in their company.


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