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How to make 100 fps in CS?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
September 19, 2014
How to make 100 fps in CS?

One of the main reasons for the poor performance of shooting in Counter-Strike 1.6 can sometimes be not the lack of gaming skills, but the poor performance of the game, which impedes the high frame refresh rate. It is the FPS that is the functional parameter that demonstrates the update frequency. Accordingly, the larger this indicator, the higher the frame refresh rate. Open the console () of the game and list the command: net_graph 3. Do you have the value "100" in the lower right corner? If not, follow the instructions below to achieve the maximum value.

Graphics card setup

Most often, the reason lies in the incorrect settings of the video card. Change them to configure 100 fps:

  1. We call the control panel of the Nvidia video card (for ATI Radeon, the list of actions will be described below) by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the appropriate item.
  2. You will see 3 items in front of you - you need the last one: user settings with a focus on: quality-balance-performance.
  3. Shift the slider to the left so that the "quality" parameter changes to "performance".

For ATI Radeon:

  1. Similarly, go to the Catalyst Controll Center. 3D tab - all sliders shift to the left. All ticks removed, except: disable the Catalyst. Filter: Box.
  2. Expand menu 3D tab: All settings. Shift all the sliders in the direction of the parameter: Performance.

Setting game options

We focus on performance, not quality. We go into the game - settings- video settings. The following parameters are disabled and minimized the following indicators:

  • detailed models / textures / effects / shaders;
  • smoothing mode;
  • motion blur;
  • vertical sync.

The parameter: "multi-core processing" must be enabled.

Setting startup options

Check the parameter Hz monitor. Right mouse button - Screen resolution (Properties) - Advanced settings - Monitor. Remember the value of the parameter: Screen refresh rate. As a rule, on laptops - 60 Hz, on stationary monitors - 75 Hz.

Perform the following actions: right-click on the shortcut - Object - add the parameter to the file path: -freq 60-75 (up to 120, depends on the monitor).

After performing the above actions, we register the command in the game console: fps_max 101.

By the way, to make 100 fps, it is sometimes enough to disable Skype, torrent, ICQ, browsers and other programs that reduce performance.


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