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How to make a bass?

Milana Sarkina
Milana Sarkina
January 21, 2013
How to make a bass?

Many have probably tried to add a bass line on their own and it happened that your speakers start to wheeze. How to make more bass and not lose in quality? So, there are several ways to fine tune the bass on your computer. All of them are elementary and simple. The easiest of them: in automatic mode, select the position of Bass Full. However, not always, simply - it means effectively.
Now we will analyze how to make bass using the standard Winamp equalizer. How to feel the real bass, without losing the sound quality:

  • In the Winamp equalizer, there are 10 sliders located side by side; this is an adjustment of the sound ranges, from low frequencies to high frequencies (from left to right).
  • Low, it means bass and a dull sound, high is the so-called tweeters.
  • Between them, mids are voices. Average frequencies go from 600 Kh to 6000 Hz (precisely in Winamp).

We will increase the bass line, slightly adding low frequencies, increasing the sound of the voice to medium and slightly reducing the high.We set everything up absolutely at our own hearing. everyone has their own acoustics, and headphones too.

  • The very first left slider (the deepest bass) needs to be raised by about half;
  • Next, runners 2 and 3 should be slightly raised, so that you would have a ladder of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 where you have 1 is the top point, and runner 4 is the middle;
  • Runners 5 and 6 - this is the middle of the middle frequencies. We are raising them, approximately, to the level of slider 2;
  • From 6000 Hz to 16000 Hz (precisely in Winamp) is the beginning and end of high frequencies. We are building the stairs again, just the opposite;
  • Runner 7 is lowered by half;
  • 8, 9, lower slightly, 8 - below 9 - above;
  • Thus, we should have another staircase consisting of 7, 8, 9, 10, where 7 is the bottom, and 10 is intact and is the last point of the chain.

Thus, we put the speakers on the midrange and bass. Qualitatively tuned mids, replacing highs with their own sound and medium frequencies. To feel the presence of high, you can slightly raise 10 slider. On some speakers, slider 1 and 2 may need to be raised (focus on your sound and hearing).


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